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Family Of 6 From Sabah, Including 8yo Boy, Were Found Mercilessly Shot To Death In Their Own Boat



Sabah Family Of 6, Including 8yo Boy, Were Found Shot To Death In Their Own Boat - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Sin Chew Daily & Sin Chew Daily

What was supposed to be a happy outing for a family of 6 in Sabah turned into a horrific nightmare after they were all brutally shot and killed, in this story reported by Sin Chew Daily and Free Malaysia Today.

Just yesterday (10th November 2019), Sabah police have confirmed that a family of 6 were believed to have been shot to death in their own boat while traveling in in southern Philippines seas last Tuesday (5th November 2019).

The tragic incident was said to have taken place as the family was making their way to the Siasi region of the Southern Philippines from Pulau Denawan, Sabah to celebrate the Maulidur Rasul holidays with the rest of their family.

“While on a boat to Siasi during night time, they were believed to have ran into an unknown boat.” said Police Commissioner Omar Mammah.

A group of people on the unknown boat had approached their boat and fired shots,” he added.

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Out of all the occupants on board the boat, only 2 survivors were found. The other 6, which included two women and an eight-year-old boy, died from their wounds. The surviving family of the deceased who went looking for them when they failed to turn up at their destination found their boat adrift and discovered their corpses.

Their bodies were brought back to Pulau Denawan in Semporna, Sabah for burial before a police report was lodged. The victims were all undocumented and were said to have been living on Pulau Denawan before their deaths. Police are still currently investigating the motives behind the senseless killings.

We hope that the authorities will be able to get to the bottom of this case and bring justice to the deceased victims. We extend our deepest condolences to those who survive the deceased family. 


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