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Sabah Students Use Dangerous Pipeline To Cross River To Get To School Everyday



Students In Sabah Have To Use Pipeline To Cross River To Get To & From School - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Twitter

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As much as we hate going to school, we should appreciate the fact that we have easy access to education.

And by easy access, I mean transport.

Some kids living in rural Malaysia don’t have the roads and vehicles that urbanites have when it comes to getting to school, they have to endure jungles and rivers with no bridges.

The BULETIN RMS (@RajaMohdShahrim) Twitter page took to their account to showcase school kids in Kota Merudu, Sabah, that have to cross a river via a piping system in order to get to school, and honestly, it looks downright dangerous.

They wrote, “This is the ‘bridge’ that students use to go to school. Location, Kampung Muhang, Kota Merudu. Whoever the minister for Merudu is, how will you know your people’s sufferings if you’re living in KL.”

Source: Twitter

Luckily, these kids have caring adults helping them to cross to ensure the students don’t get hurt. Some of these students are so young and small that they NEED the assistance of an adult to cross, which shows how dangerous and scary it is for these kids, just to get to and from school.

Source: Twitter

While there are some wearing their school uniforms, others can be seen in their sports or home clothes, carrying plastic bags, probably containing their uniforms as they fear it will get dirty due to the route they have to take.

Source: Twitter

After all of that, they still have to endure the river as they have to descend the pipe into the water to get across.

Source: Twitter

It’s truly sad to see that small children have to go through such lengths just to receive an education like the rest of us.

We hope that the authorities take charge and help build a bridge for these kids so that they can rightfully get to and from school everyday without having to risk injuries.

BULETIN RMS’s posting has since garnered over 11,000 retweets.

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