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#SabahMemilih: This Organisation Is Helping Sabahans Return Home To Vote & You Can Help Too!



Source: Pulang Mengundi Sabah & Element 5 Digital/Pexels

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The Sabah Elections is in a week’s time and it falls on Saturday, 26 September. Times are hard especially with Covid-19 still around. Many Sabahans working in Semenanjung do not have the means to go back to Sabah right now just to vote and not to forget the health risks involved.

However, voting for a cause and party that we believe in for the betterment of our nation is our responsibility. In order to help Sabahans that are not that well-to-do to get back home, an organisation with the name Pulang Mengundi Sabah has organised a fund for that purpose.

Speaking to the team members (which are mostly university students and young working adults) Umar and Aaron, they told WORLD OF BUZZ that this initiative actually started two years ago during GE14. Aaron and his friends at that time crowdfunded money with the aim of sending Semenanjung students back to their hometown to vote.

Umar told us that their approach this time is a little different as we are now living in a pandemic. However, their goal remains simple and it is to crowdfund enough money so that they can send as many people as possible back to Sabah to vote.

As of now, Pulang Mengundi Sabah has received a total of 5,966 submissions wanting to go home and vote, but with the amount of money they have crowdfunded, they can only afford to send 101 Sabahans home. Submissions were closed as of 16 September 2020.

Note: there are some criteria that the applicants need to meet (between 21-35 years old, a registered voter, if they are working, their monthly salary must be RM3,000 and below). After that, they would need to submit documents such as semakan pemilih SPR, a payslip or student card. 

Their cause has gained momentum on Twitter and this has led to a few people offering their expertise in exchange for some donations. This woman here is offering her proofreading skills to help check CVs and cover letters in exchange for a small donation of RM10.

Pulang Mengundi Sabah would like to say:

“We appeal to Malaysians to donate as much as they can before the deadline! No maximum and minimum amounts, we appreciate all of them.”

This is certainly a very good cause! We hope that they will be able to help out as many people as possible! If you would like to donate, here are the details:


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