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Samyang Toothpaste Actually Exists And You Can Get It Now For Just RM22 On Shopee!



Source: Awe.somm's Instagram & @share.zero's Instagram

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If you think the spicy Samyang noodle trend is dying down, think again! You’ve heard of Samyang-flavoured lipsticks, and chewing gum but this is definitely the first we’re hearing of an instant noodle flavoured toothpaste. 

taken from @awe.somm’s Instagram.

Earlier this year, a major hygiene product maker in South Korea known as, Aekyung, teamed up with the famous Samyang spicy instant noodle creators to release a toothpaste that claims to bear the same fiery burning sensation of Samyang’s speciality, “Hot Chicken Flavour Ramen”.

Samyang’s Hot Chicken Flavoured Ramen first gained attention when Youtubers and social media figures posted videos of their reactions while eating the spicy ramen noodles. These videos gradually became a viral challenge as netizens worldwide started trying the noodles themselves to test the limits of their spice tolerance.

Upon noticing how the Spicy Korean Noodle challenge erupted globally as an international trend, Aekyung released the “2080 Hochi Toothpaste”, that’s said to replicate the taste of the infamous instant noodles. According to Aju Business Daily, the toothpaste was named after Hochi, the characterised logo of Samyang. But can the burning nuclear flavour of Samyang’s spicy noodles really be condensed in a tube of toothpaste?

Picture taken from @share.zero’s Instagram

This alarming crimson-coloured substance is enough to convince us. Nonetheless, the toothpaste is said to have menthol and all the other ingredients and properties required to maintain your dental health, as said by sources from SHOUT.

The Samyang toothpaste comes in two types of flavours: a normal version with mild spiciness and the “nuclear spicy” version we’re all very familiar with.

But don’t just take it from us, try out the Samyang toothpaste yourself! You can find it here on Shopee for just RM22.

Would you guys try out this toothpaste? Let us know in the comments! 


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Source: Instagram

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