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Sarawak Restaurant Kena Raid After Serving Endangered Sun Bear & Pangolin Meat to Customers



Restaurant In Sarawak Kena Raid - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: MONGABAY &TheStar

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Environmentalists are not asking for much. They’re not asking us to immediately become vegetarian, all they want is for us to watch what we eat and to be empathic to the struggles of the animals that share this world with us. The least, and I mean the very bare minimum, we could do is protect wildlife as it is our natural heritage and responsibility, but honestly, even that is apparently too hard for some people.

Sarawak Forestry Corporation(SFC) raided a restaurant in Selangau Bazaar that serves all type of exotic animals, INCLUDING SUN BEARS!

Source: Science101

According to SCF Chief Executive Officer, Zolkipli Mohamad Aton, after getting a tip-off, they raided the restaurant and found out that not only sun bear but many other exotic animals were on the menu as well.

“There were meats of sun-bear, pangolin, soft-shell turtle, python, monitor lizard, bats and other wildlife.”

Currently, the restaurant owner and the cook are being questioned by the authorities. If convicted, they can be charged with the illegal possession of wildlife meat, and convicted culprits could face a jail term of one year or fine of RM10,000.

Source: TheStar

Zolkipli made a simple warning to the public pleading people to stop eating wildlife meat, especially that of endangered animals like the sun bear. It’s a simple concept tbh. When the demand decreases, the killing and supplying of wildlife meat will automatically decrease also. They also urged the public to report any cases of wildlife abuse to their hotlines:

  1. Kuching – 019-8859996,016-8565564
  2. Sibu – 019-8190140,019-8894474
  3. Bintulu – 019-8223449,019-8332737
  4. Miri – 019-8224566,019-8290994

There are many cultivated meats for us to eat without damaging and endangering these animals – some which are classified as protected species. Humans, do better!


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