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Sarawak Teacher Drives To Students’ Houses Every Week & Marks Their Homework From Outside The Gate



Source: Harian Metro

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Teaching isn’t an easy profession. Especially in a time like this when online learning is a struggle for both educators and students. Many often undervalue the efforts that these teachers put in to ensure their students are getting the education they deserve.

One such teacher is 39-year-old Mujalifah Kassim who teaches Bahasa Melayu in Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Sibu Jaya, Sarawak. Mujalifah drives all the way to her students’ houses every week and waits under the hot sun to mark their homework from outside the gate.

“The Teaching and Learning Platform that I currently use is Google Classroom, Google Meet and WhatsApp. However, these methods still have their constraints, especially for students who don’t have access to electronic devices and Internet access,” said the committed educator, who is also a mother of two children in a statement by Harian Metro.

She said this particularly applies to students living in longhouses outside the city area in Sibu Jaya. Mujalifah said she started doing this when the Ministry of Education announced that all schools across the country will be closed between the period of 9 November to 18 December.

“This initiative is to help and appreciate my students who are less fortunate than their classmates. I don’t want them to feel left out just because they don’t have access to these resources. Hopefully, visiting their houses will give them the motivation to keep learning even though they don’t have the perfect resources needed for online learning,” added the teacher.

Mujalifah, also known as Cikgu Muja initially went viral online after a former student followed her on the day of the incident and shared a photo of the teacher going above and beyond to meet the needs of her students in unexpected situations.

“I didn’t expect to receive questions from netizens asking why my students let me stay under the hot sun. In fact, it was I who rejected my student’s family’s invitation to enter the house,” said Mujalifah. “It is better because I want to comply with all the SOPs put in place by MOH even if we’re in a green zone,” she said while adding that she doesn’t take long to mark and review her students’ assignments.

“I believe every educator in this country has a deep sense of love and affection for their students. It is this love that makes us become educators to sacrifice time and energy for our students”.

What an inspiring educator! Remember to appreciate all the hard work your teachers put in to ensure your education. 


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Source: Harian Metro
Source: Harian Metro

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