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Sarawakian Kek Lapis Featured On Famous British Baking Show & We’re Proud AF



Sarawakian Kek Lapis Gets Featured On Famous British Baking Show & We're Proud AF - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Borneo Post / Mek Siti

I haven’t met one Malaysian who isn’t completely in love with kek lapis… And don’t you even try to deny your undying love for the Sarawakian delicacy. 

We know that this delicious cake is famous all throughout Malaysia, and recently, it has made an appearance in an international cooking show, The Great British Bake-Off 2019. According to Borneo Post, contestants were given the assignment to create their version of the Sarawakian kek lapis.

Source: Borneo Post

They were required to impress the judges by creating a “professional-looking cake” that has great flavours. Famous English celebrity chef and television host, Judge Paul Hollywood reckoned that the kek lapis – which is a staple in many Sarawakian homes, especially during festivities  – is “one of the most difficult” creations that have been shown on the competition.

Well, we do not argue with because it’s the truth! 

Source: Youtube

Amongst all the amazing kek lapis interpretations, one that stood out was made by shop assistant Steph Blackwell who is from Chester, England. She wowed the judges with her Orange and Chai-Spiced Revitalise Cake.

Source: Youtube

On the other hand, the judges said that Geography teacher Alice Fevronia’s version of kek lapis (Chocolate, Orange and Salted Caramel Kaleidoscope Sarawak Style Layered Cake) was “extremely neat”.

Source: Youtube

Another contestant, David Atherton made a multi-coloured layered cake to show that bakers can play around with colours when baking a kek lapis. Well, isn’t that amazing? 

Did you watch the latest episode of The Great British Bake Off? If you did, what do you think about their versions of the super tasty kek lapis on the show? Fire away in the comments below!


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