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Scientists Have Discovered Patterned Radio Signal Coming From Single Source Deep In Space



Source: MNN

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For the more curious human being of the paranormal world, you may want to sit down for this one.

A repeating radio signal with a 16-day pattern coming from deep in space has been detected by a team of scientists with the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment/Fast Radio Bursts Project, who are currently trying to decode its origins.

As according to the Mother Nature Network, details of their findings were recently published in the journal, arXiv.

Though radio signals have been previously discovered coming from space, this is the first time in human history that scientists have deciphered a pattern from bursts that originate from a single source, which may be coming from a massive spiral galaxy over half a billion light-years away from Earth.

Source: KimKomando

The signal is said to be detected every 16.35 days and lasts over 4 days, with a burst every 2 hours which will then go silent for 12 days before repeating its pattern.

Researchers are hoping to discover more information on the cause of the bursts, which are known as fast radio bursts labelled FRM 180916.J0158+65.

Unfortunately for thrill-seekers, the bursts are probably not coming from aliens. One early theory suggested that the signals may be coming from the orbital motion of a companion star or object, though all theories are currently being categorised as speculation.

The team as well as other researchers across the planet are hoping that this discovery can help shed light and spread understanding on how matter is distributed across the universe.

And here I was thinking E.T. was phoning home. 


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