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Self-Made Millionaire Tells Millennials Why They Should NOT Travel Now



This Millionaire Tells All Millennials NOT To Travel And What They Should Do Instead - World Of Buzz 3

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Traveling is something we all want to do. We see traveling as something eye opening and self-enhancing. And also because we do not want to be tied down to work or even the life back home.

However, this millionaire is telling all the millennials to not travel… yet!

Grant Cardone is an American author, motivational speaker, real estate investor, and sales trainer. And his advice to youngsters today is to concentrate on work first.

In a video by CNBC, Grant said,

“Travel is not going to solve your problems.”

“Millennials are on track to spend USD1.4 trillion (RM6.2 trillion) on travel each year by 2020, and are 23% more likely to travel abroad than older generations.”

The millionaire said that you don’t gain much from traveling but you will definitely lose a lot more.

“Life will likely be no better at the end of it and finances will likely be worse.”

Instead of focusing on travelling, Grant advises youngsters to work hard right now in their jobs and gain useful skills in the workforce.

Then, with great skills, an amazing job, and a high income, youngsters can easily pay any price for travel.

“I can travel the world in my own plane today because I put in the hard work and became serious about my career when I was 25.”

So traveling can wait, Grant said. It is best to work hard right now and enjoy later, especially when you still possess the skill you’ve learn from university. Plus, imagine what the employers will think when they see an applicant taking several months to a year off to travel, as opposed to one that just recently graduated and is eager to work already.

Grant speaks from his own experience and netizens agree that it’s important to place your job as the priority. It’s how you fund your travels after all!

While some people think it’s better to travel while you are still young enough to enjoy it, others mentioned that a person can have the best of both worlds by finding a middle ground for both work and travel.

Either way, don’t be throwing your career out the window because of the wanderlust! We still have a future to look forward to!

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