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Self-Proclaimed Malaysian Wang Leehom Publicly Discriminates Fat Ladies, Gets Roasted



Malaysian Version of Wang Leehom Publicly Discriminates Fat Ladies, Gets Roasted - World Of Buzz
Source: Facebook and Moretify

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The quickest way to become femes is to do something ‘outstanding’ on social media, which was exactly what this guy did.

A while ago, this man named Jiang who is a lawyer, became an overnight sensation on a popular Facebook group after he claimed himself to look like the international superstar, Wang Leehom.

I’ll let you guys be the judge of it.

Source: Facebook

Source: Hype My

Close enough?

He even went as far as to mention, “Please, do not mistake me as Lee Hom if you see me in public.”

Many netizens were shocked by his confidence, but there were equal number of people who actually dig his style. In fact, many admired his confidence and even adored him! Eventually, he rose to fame and was invited to a reality TV show ‘Call Me Handsome’ by Astro. Not a bad twist of event right?

Source: Facebook

To boost his popularity, Jiang even collaborated with other influencers such as ‘Pudding Sis’, who had also employed the same tactic to become somewhat famous in the Facebook group.

She posted a picture of herself wearing a rather revealing outfit and the caption was “I want to make pudding today”, hence the name of ‘Pudding Sis’.

Source: Moretify

Just when Jiang is enjoying all the attention he’s getting on social media, he made a boo-boo. He dissed girls with a larger physique.

Apparently he was being slammed for poking fun at fat girls and he did all that on a video! Sorry mate, you’ve dug your own grave.

Here’s what he said:

“A lady asked me whether a guy would love a fat girl.”

Then he made this face as if he was disgusted by fat girls.

Source: Facebook

He continued saying:

“I don’t think so. No guy will ever love a fat girl. If you’re fat, you need to stop eating rice, ice cream and chocolate. Besides, you should do a lot of exercise and avoid swallowing your saliva.You try and see.”

Immediately after the video was uploaded, netizens rained hell on him for discriminating plump girls. “Wang Leehom, this time I will not support you! Clearly you’re judging people by their looks! Fat girls deserve to be loved as well okay!” a netizen commented.

Some slightly chubby girls even posted their pictures of being loved to prove Jiang wrong.

Source: Moretify

 - World Of Buzz

Source: Moretify

Seeing all the rage and hate growing in the Facebook group, the admin himself demanded an official apology from Jiang on behalf of all the ladies in the group.

Here’s what the admin, Edwin Kong said:

“Since he has publicly discriminated people, and many of our members were offended, so I hereby demand Jiang to issue an apology by 8pm today. Otherwise, I will personally kick him out of the group.”

Of course he wouldn’t let that happen since he has worked so hard to earn that fame! So he uploaded another video presumably to apologise to the ladies. And the caption of the video was ‘specially dedicated to heavier girls’.

Here’s the video of him singing Nothing’s gonna change my love for you by George Benson.

He triedddd la okay. 

Remember, it’s not cool to judge someone just based on their looks.

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