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SG Dad Poses as Woman Pimp Online, Tricks Girls Aged 13-17 to Have Sex With Him



Singapore Father Of Three Jailed For Posing As Pimp And Having Sex With Underage Girls - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: TheSun & nakedsecurity

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Parents are always asked to monitor and keep an eye on their children’s internet activities. It’s not for nothing. While the era of the internet has brought many benefits, unfortunately, it has also brought to light the problem of creeps looking prey on young teenagers on social site. This criminal from Singapore who catfished underage girls is a prime example of what parents should be afraid of when their children are on the Internet.

Angelo Anwyll Goh Hao-Yi, a sales engineer, posed as a female pimp called “Vacinta Koh” online and befriended young girls with the intention of asking them if they want to be escorts. If by any chance they were unsure, “Vacinta” would reassure them that the clients have gone a rigorous selecting process, and they are “young, non-ugly and rich” while having also undergone regular health check-ups.

According to The Star, when the girls revealed that they were underage, he simply said that “age isn’t an issue”. His victims were girls between the age of 13-17 years old. He would then meet them for sex which technically makes him a pedophile, since all his victims are underage girls.

He would then pick them up in his BMW convertible and take them to either his house, multi-storey car parks, and hotels where he had unprotected sex with them and sometimes even filmed the encounters. Disappointingly, he only got sentenced to four years and ten months in jail. He pleaded guilty to nine counts of having sex with minors and admitted to one count of making obscene films with a 17-year-old girl.

He previously had created various fake male profiles but failed to get any reception. That’s why he created the fake profile of “Vacinta Koh” and pretended to be a 20-year-old prostitute to befriend any girls he found attractive. According to Asia One, when one of the victims told him that she had been raped before, he pretended to sympathise and even said that “Vacinta” had also been raped.

“When the girl accepted the request, he would message them asking if they want to earn $100 or $200 an hour by being an escort. He would even tell the girls to recommend their friends to be escorts.” 

In addition to the disgusting things he did, he even told the girls that they would be paid an extra $10 (RM30) if they wore their school uniforms, and an extra $20 (RM60) if they agree to be filmed. Do you know what’s even sadder? This guy is a father of three and didn’t even spare a thought for his family when he was doing these criminal activities.

The criminal is currently out on a bail of $30,000 (RM91,254) and will surrender himself to the State Courts before November 14th to start serving his sentence.

Parents, always keep track of what your children are doing online. Teach them to not to talk to strangers be they man or woman, whether it’s on the streets or on the Internet. We never know who’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing nowadays.


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