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“Sharelah a Little Happiness”, M’sian Couple Take Time Out Of Their Day To Let Aunty Play With Their Baby



"Sharelah a Little Happiness", M'sian Couple Take Time Out Of Their Day To Let Aunty Play With Their Baby - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Twitter

There’s are reasons why babies are called bundles of joy, such as their infectious little laughter and the adorable little feet.

So, if you have a little baby, isn’t it only normal that you’d get approached by people who just want to experience that joy for even just a couple of minutes?

Hadi Nor (@hadi_nor) definitely agrees, as he took to his Twitter page to showcase how he and his wife had shared just a few minutes of joy with what looks like his neighbour who wanted to see his little baby.

Hadi wrote, “It’s a good day, the sky looks nice. I was just about to start the car when the aunty yelled from afar, ‘Where’s the baby?’, I quickly told my wife to bring Cempaka out of the car to see the aunty. She always makes Cempaka laugh, she probably couldn’t handle it today and asked if she could carry her. Why not share the happiness a little, right?

Source: Twitter

Seriously, look at how happy that aunty is to see the little baby.

Source: Twitter

And she finally got to hold the baby!

Source: Twitter

Hadi’s posting has since garnered over 4,800 retweets.

Everyone deserves a little happiness every once in a while.


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