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Siblings Start Walking at 6am From Sg Buloh Welfare Home to See Mum in KL



Siblings Start Walking In Early Morning From Sg Buloh Just to See Their Mother In KL - World Of Buzz
Source: My News Hub

How far would you go (literally) to see a loved one? For these two kids, they were willing to go the distance just to see their mother.

While other kids were still cocooned in their cosy blankets on an early Sunday morning, these two kids had already started walking from Saujana Utama, Sungai Buloh as they headed towards Bukit Jalil. That would take them hours man!

Source: Google

The courageous two siblings, aged 8 and 10, had to brave through poorly-lit roads and even risk running into stray dogs or criminals.

Luckily, a concerned man known as Ahmad Nazri Zainudin who was driving on the same stretch of road, pulled over and asked the kids about their destination.

“Uncle, can you send us to Bukit Jalil? We want to see our mother,” said one of them who had a pitiful look plastered on his face.

“It’s very far, I have to get to work, but I will bring you to a police station and the policeman will help you get there,” the 38-year-old man replied.

A spokesperson from Saujana Utama police station confirmed the incident and recorded Nazri’s details before contacting the guardian of the kids.

Source: My News Hub

“The kids were brought home by a representative from Rumah Aman, a welfare home in Saujana Utama at approximately 9am,” the spokesperson said.

When contacted by mStar, the founder of Rumah Aman, Abdul Rehman Dakri confirmed that the siblings were new to the welfare home.

Source: Youtube

“Their parents are not capable of taking care of them, which was the reason why they were sent here, to lead a better life.”

“They probably still haven’t familiarised themselves with the highly-structured environment, which has rules and schedules to be followed. We take care of their needs and provide them with education.”

Although the compound is equipped with CCTVs, somehow the kids managed to slip out of their watch.

“I’d like to apologise for what happened in the morning. We will make sure that such incidents will never happen again. There’s nothing to be worried about because these kids still have parents who are allowed to visit once a month.”

The kids must have missed their mother dearly, let’s hope they get a chance to see their mother sometime soon.


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