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Singapore Denies Entry for Foreign Vehicles With Unpaid Fines, Forces Some to Turn Back



Left image for illustration purposes | Source: Malay Mail &The Straits Times

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Malaysians, take note if you are heading to Singapore with unpaid fines!

Singapore’s decision to ban the entry of foreign vehicles with outstanding fines for traffic, parking as well as vehicular emissions have attracted criticism and frustration from drivers passing into the country.

Many Malaysians who are now making their way to Singapore are irked by the country’s strict ban, which have already commenced at the two main entry points, as reported in The Star.

For illustration purposes only | Source: Malay Mail

Congestion at the Causeway and Tuas Checkpoint were worse than usual on Monday (April 1), which was the first day of the ban’s implementation, according to The Straits Times.

In a report by The Star, most people travelling into the country for work wound up getting stuck at both Causeway and Second Link near Gelang Patah. One of the drivers, named Kathleen Ann Kili, 28, said that the jam at the Tuas Checkpoint was worse than ever as many drivers stopped to pay their fines, while some of them were even forced to turn back. The horror!

“The checkpoint booths at the Malaysian side are not enough, which is the first cause of congestion. Now with the ban, the situation gets from bad to worse,” said Kathleen.

A factory worker named Nurhanah Jasni Hashim, 30, added that the traffic jam spread to the waiting line for public transportation. According to her, there were long queues just to board buses at the JB Sentral.

“People usually go around 5am to catch the first bus and avoid the rush, but from what I have experienced it’s beyond words because more people are opting to use buses following Singapore’s decision,” said Nurhanah.

“It will take time for people to be accustomed to this change because we cannot expect people to pay their outstanding fines quickly, so like it or not we have to bear with it,” she lamented.

For illustration purposes only | Source: paultan.org

Another factory worker named Mohd Faiz Mustaffa, 31, was seemingly unfazed by it, saying that the ban is not a new issue as it has been practiced for quite some time.

“It is their country. Like it or not, we just have to follow their laws,” he said.

FYI, many foreign motorists have been advised to check their outstanding fines for vehicle-related offences and told to pay them accordingly, or face being denied entry into Singapore.

Besides that, they have also been informed to keep their receipts for verification purposes during their entries into Singapore. 

To check for outstanding fines, motorists can visit www.axs.com.sg.

What do you think of Singapore’s ban on foreign vehicles with unpaid fines? Let us know in the comments section below! Also, be sure to check out the story below to stay on top of punishable offences in Malaysia that might get you fined a cool RM300!


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