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Singaporean Man Who Stalked 2 Young Girls for 6 Years Finally Goes to Jail



Singaporean Man Stalked 2 Young Girls for 6 Years, Finally Goes to Jail - World Of Buzz 3
Featured Image Source: TNP

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We can never understand how some people can be so vile!

In a report by The Star, a 21-year-old library assistant from Singapore made the lives of two young sisters a living hell for the last six years.

The man known as Tan Yao Min began stalking the girls when they were just 12 and eight years old, and sent them letters threatening to rape and murder one of them.

Tan has autism spectrum disorder and also suffers from immature personality. Earlier this year, he left two handwritten notes in a flier box next to the girls’ uncle’s flat.

In one of his notes, he described wanting to rape and impregnate the older, now 18-year-old girl to “make her suffer”. In the second note, he said that he found life meaningless and “lost everything”.

In a strange twist, he also asked the girls to report him to the police. Tan was then arrested a day after the older girl made a report against him.

Not long after that, he was released on bail and then wrote two more letters to the older girl in February, saying that he loved her and wanted to have sex with her.

What made things even more disturbing was that he also wanted to have paid sex with the girl’s younger sister and have a threesome to prove that he was a “man”.

In the second letter, he again said that life was meaningless for him and that he wanted to go to prison.

Tan was also stalking the younger girl and waited for her by a bench near where she lived. He even sent her a Facebook invite.

Six years ago in 2011, he had stated that he wanted to have sex with the younger girl who was just eight years old back then. 

During his trial, Tan admitted to three out of six charges, which were criminal intimidation, intentionally causing alarm and unlawful stalking.

After admitting to the charges, he was sentenced to 18 months in jail yesterday (25th May).

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