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Single M’sians Triggered As MOH Tells Them To Be Patient While Married Couples Allowed To Travel Interstate



Source: TheStar & Lawyerment

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Malaysians have always been a touchy bunch when it came to being single. I mean, having to endure aunties and uncles during festive seasons asking us when we’re getting married can honestly be the worst because it’s not our faults that we haven’t found ‘the one’.

But it has never been an actual disadvantage to be single, until this Covid-19 Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO).

Single Malaysians everywhere were triggered when the Ministry of Health Malaysia took to their Facebook page to share the allowed reasons for interstate travel during this CMCO period, which include medical emergencies, work emergencies and married couples living apart from each other with legitimate reasons to travel to see their spouse. They also decided to include a message to Malaysians who are single to be patient.

Bermula 1 Jun ini, kebenaran rentas negeri dibolehkan untuk: 1. Sebab- sebab kecemasan seperti kematian, perubatan…

Posted by KEMENTERIAN KESIHATAN MALAYSIA on Saturday, May 30, 2020

They wrote, “Starting on the 1st of June, interstate travel will be allowed for:

  1. Emergency reasons such as deaths, medical emergencies and work purposes.
  2. Married couples staying apart from each other with legitimate reasons.

For those who are still single, be patient for your time will come later. Continue to follow the instructions from the authorities at all times.”

Single Malaysians clearly didn’t take well to the message as they took to the comment section to vent their frustrations.

This comment goes, “Single people have parents.”

This comment says, “Please allow singles to head home, it’s been months since we’ve seen our parents.”

This comment reads, “Husbands and wives more important than mothers and fathers?”

Some Malaysians also took this as an opportunity to find a spouse so that they could have the opportunity to cross state borders.

This comment goes, “Someone marry me, I want to have a wife too.”

This comment says, “So singles can’t cross state borders to look for a spouse?”

This comment reads, “They should fix the sentence to ‘For those who are still single, get married fast’.”

This comment goes, “To those who are single, hurry up and get married.”

Malaysians gave a truly legitimate debate as there really isn’t much of a difference between travelling to be with a spouse and travelling to be with parents as both spouses and parents should be put under the category of family.

We genuinely hope that the authorities look into allowing Malaysians to travel interstate without just prioritising married couples as they’re not the only ones feeling extremely isolated this Covid-19 season.

And to all my single brothers and sisters out there, stay strong for just as MOH mentioned, hopefully, our time will come soon.

What do you think about this? Let us know in the comment section. 


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