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This Snatch Thief is So Afraid of His Wife, He Surrendered Himself to PDRM When He Lost Her Bike



Snatch Thief Surrenders to Police After Losing His Wife's Motorcycle Because He's Afraid Of Her - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Pinterest / Facebook

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Last Friday (12 April), a netizen named Ayus became the victim of snatch theft in front of Hong Leong Bank in Kuala Selangor. However, one of the culprits later voluntarily showed up at the police station and the reason why he turned himself in is simply unbelievable.

Source: Facebook

Here’s what happened according to Ayus’ Facebook post.

“The snatch thieves (two of them) left the motorcycle with the engine running and bolted off with their loot. This made my day so much easier. I just rode the motorcycle to the police station.

“When I was making the police report, the snatch thief (in a red T-shirt) came crying to the police station because the motorcycle belongs to his wife. He’s not afraid of committing crimes but afraid of his wife. Everyone in the station had a good laugh that day. “

Ayus thanked her friends and husband for accompanying her to lodge the police report. She also expressed her gratitude to the three unsung heroes who tried to chase the culprits. After this incident went viral, many netizens speculated that the wife must have quite a temper as the culprit would rather face the consequences from the law than to incur the wrath of his wife. 

Source: Pinterest

Although it was unclear what happened to the culprit at the end, we hope he would be punished accordingly as snatch theft can cause serious injuries or even death to the victims. If there’s one person to thank, it’d be the wife because she’s the reason why the culprit voluntarily surrendered to the cops. 


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