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Soap & Water Better Option To Kill Germs Compared To Hand Sanitisers & Wet Wipes



Soaps & Water - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Readers Digest & MisCW

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Since the Wuhan virus outbreak, hand sanitisers have been flying off the shelves at pharmacies, hypermarkets and convenience stores.

People are buying, stocking up and actively using hand sanitisers in order to prevent any contact with the coronavirus. But, does that really work?

As according to the Straits Times, Dr Kalisvar Marimuthu, the senior infectious disease consultant at the National Center for Infectious Diseases (NCID) Singapore has urged the public to just use soap and water instead as it’s the best way to go about being clean. Soap and water can apparently reduce all types of germs from your hands, hence washing your hands often is the best way to go.

Though, if you by chance don’t have access to soap and water, then hand sanitisers with at least 60% alcohol content can suffice.

When using a hand sanitiser, it’s best to rub it all over your hands so that they’re covered completely. Rub it in for about 20 seconds before letting your hands air dry instead of wiping them dry.

Soap and water is more effective than hand sanitisers because hand sanitisers don’t eliminate as many types of germs as the alternative.

Source: MSUToday

Also, to those who prefer wet wipes, it turns out that it actually spreads more germs than killing them, as according to a virologist at the Queen Mary University of London.

Hence, no need to shake the pharmacy clerk for sanitisers, just grab yourself some anti-bacterial hand soap and you’re good to go!

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