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Someone Hilariously Showed Ingenious Way of Cooking Meal Using Bangkok’s Blazing Heat



Thai Cooking Blog Shows Ingenious Way of Cooking a Meal Using Bangkok's Blazing Summer Heat - World Of Buzz 4

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Currently, Thailand is experiencing one of their hottest summers yet and the most scorching days are expected by end of this week. But as we are all living in a tropical climate, we are used to the blazing temperatures, especially when we enter a car that has been parked outside in the sun.

Sometimes you feel like entering the car is literally like going inside an oven, which in a way, is true.

That’s probably why this popular Thai cooking Facebook page SchwedaKong decided to try and cook an actual meal in a skillet that they put in a car that was parked under the sweltering Bangkok sun. 

And it turn out to be a rousing success! They posted pictures of the process and as a result of their experiment, they had a deliciously cooked meal of toast, carrots, eggs and a medium rare gammon steak all ready to be eaten. It certainly looks yummy!

According to their post, they swore that they left the pan with the raw ingredients in the car from 1.00pm – 4.30pm and just let nature take its course. Of course, the temperature inside a sealed car is much hotter than the temperature outside, with outdoor degrees going between 38 – 40 degrees Celsius and inside up to 56 degrees Celsius. 

However, the page did caution other users that cooking food inside the car may not be sufficiently high enough to kill the bacteria even though the food is cooked. But for the pork steak meal, it does look like it is well-cooked enough if you are feeling hungry and have a few hours to spare.

Looks like a truly ingenious way to save gas money and cook some delicious meals! Anyone care to try this in Malaysia?

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