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Someone Obscenely Edited This Hot Malaysian Teacher’s Pictures That Went Viral



Hot Malaysian Teacher's Pictures Went Viral But Unethical People Edited Her Photos Obscenely - World Of Buzz 1

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A gorgeous school teacher, Miss Debra Victor is probably one of the hottest teacher in Malaysia. She charmed Malaysians with her brains and looks, and went viral some time last year.

And recently she went viral AGAIN when more people discovered this angelic woman’s pictures!

But life is indeed not a bed of roses because fame always comes with a price. The viral photo of Debra along with her student was photoshopped in the most obscene way. So much so that she had to make a police report.

On February 25, 2016, Debra had the shock of her life when a friend of hers sent pictures of herself NUDE!

Only… it wasn’t her body in those photos.

In her police report, she said,

“At approximately 2PM at home, I received photos of myself which was edited with the body of a naked woman using the photogrid app from my friend through Wechat.”

“According to my friend, they received the pictures their friend’s friend who saw the pictures in Wechat with some Chinese wordings.”

“I believe there is someone who is spiteful of me and unsatisfied with me.”

“I am making this police report so that the authorities can find the irresponsible person who spread this edited picture which degraded me and my family, and affected my emotions as well as my assignments as a student and a training teacher.”

Although the incident happened earlier last year, Debra wanted to reiterate her innocence in that scandal. Due to her becoming viral again, she wanted her followers as well as the general public to know that it is merely an edited picture and not her real naked body.

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Read the full police report here:

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It certainly is scary how malicious people easily hide behind their computer screens. You never know what they might do to you or your identity.

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