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Son Beaten Up By Father For Buying Non-Spicy Meatballs, Citizens Want to “Belanja” Him Chilli



Son Gets Beaten Up For Forgetting Chilli, Enraged Citizens Want To 'Belanja' The Father Chilli Now - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: China Press

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On Saturday night, a hot-tempered man brutally beat up his son and wife all because there was no chilli on the meatballs that his son had helped him buy. This ridiculous incident happened in Taiwan on 12 January 2019.

Source: China Press

According to China Press, the father had asked his son to buy him some meatballs with chilli at around 7pm. The kid had informed the seller to add more chilli but somehow the chilli wasn’t in the container when he reached home. The father was annoyed by this as he had specifically asked for more chilli so he started questioning the boy and scolding him as well. The mother tried to diffuse the situation but to no avail.

Suddenly, the father slapped his son across the face while accusing the kid of lying to him. The mother tried to intervene but ended up being put in a chokehold by her husband. Surprisingly, the boy didn’t cry after getting slapped and kept apologising so that his father would let go of his mother.

Here’s the video.

The whole incident was captured on the mother’s phone and the footage went viral on social media. Within hours, seven netizens managed to track down the family’s address and went straight into the house to find the father since the gates were unlocked.

It was understood that the father was slapped and hit by members of the public using helmets. Luckily, the police arrived at the scene in time to stop the angry mob from taking his life. He was escorted into an ambulance before heading to the hospital for treatment as his head was bleeding.

Things didn’t end there because while he was receiving treatment, a huge crowd of enraged citizens began gathering outside the hospital as they wanted to feed him with more chillies. One even brought along some utensils to fry some chillies on the spot! “I’m waiting for the man so that I can treat him a lot of chilli!” a man said. 

Source: China Press

Source: China Press

The police had to use their batons to get the crowd under control and to prevent them from barging into the hospital to force feed him with chillies. It was reported that the man received only out-patient treatment and left the hospital under police escort. He didn’t return home for obvious reasons and is believed to be staying at his relative’s house at the time of writing.

We’re not sure when he’s coming home, but we’re certain that he won’t be asking for any extra chillies when buying food next time. 


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