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These South Korean Universities Actually Offer Courses on Love and Dating



These South Korean Universities are Offering Courses on Love and Dating - WORLD OF BUZZ
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Love is quite a complex thing which most of us have a hard time understanding. Well, it is such a subjective matter after all. Not many people can be love gurus, BUT if you aren’t, it’s okay because not all hope is lost.

In fact, you’d be surprised as these universities in South Korea are actually offering courses on dating, success, love and marriage!

Inha University located in Incheon offers a very special course on success, love and marriage. This institute, which ranks 18th best in the country, is well-known for research and education in engineering and physical sciences.

The highlight of this course is how celebrities are often invited to give lectures on love and relationships, according to Koreaboo. So, from their talks, one can understand a little better how to actually attract the opposite sex. Plus, who knows, you may just get to meet all your favourite Oppas and learn how to love from them.

Besides Inha, Dongguk University also offers a course in marriage and family whereby students have to date each other for a month.

The assignments include going on dates with at least 3 partners throughout the entire semester. Sound like a pretty good time to me!

Dongguk University isn’t some shady institute either. The academy located in Seoul ranks 35th best in the whole of South Korea and is often filled with students from various countries. Finding a partner in that uni doesn’t seem like it’s too bad of an idea 😛

Netizens were ecstatic about these courses as most of them dreamt about dating their oppas.

Source: Koreaboo

Some might say love isn’t something we can easily learn from a simple course in an academy, but quite a few argued that many people don’t even know the basics of dating or being in a relationship. Thus, these classes may just save a soul from the forever-alone vortex.

Well, you may want to tag your forever-alone friends in the comment section. They might just be interested in the course right? 😛


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