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S’porean Lady Met 7 Cockroaches On Her Taxi Ride After They Smelled Her Food



Singaporean Lady Met with 7-8 Cockroaches on Her Taxi Ride Because They Smelled Her Food - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Stomp

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Warning: Do not read if you’re eating right now, or if you’re easily triggered by cockroaches.

Finding cockroaches in a car simply means the owner has not been maintaining the cleanliness of the vehicle, and some of us have encountered nightmares like this at some point in our lives (like admin, oops).

This Singaporean lady shared the most extreme version of finding cockroaches in a car when she was riding a taxi last Tuesday (15 October). According to Stomp, Ru Ting tapau-ed her lunch and hailed a taxi at about 1:30 pm that day, and she noticed several cockroaches crawling from the front of the taxi.

“I had to put my food on the floor when I saw a couple of them come out.”

Source: Stomp

Eeeek! Admin would’ve fainted on the spot!

Unfortunately, the cockroaches seemed to have smelled her lunch and began crawling towards the back where she was seated. We could only imagine her fear escalating like crazy for being in such close proximity with so many cockroaches.

Source: Stomp

Two of them even joined her on the backseat, and Ru Ting could no longer tahan sharing her ride with SEVEN to EIGHT cockroaches. Tearing up as she told the taxi driver about the cockroaches, only to be greeted with an unfazed response “Really a lot ah?”. He sounded absolutely “concerned” about the pest issue in his car.

Ru Ting didn’t want to risk the cockroaches crawling onto her food, she quickly paid the fare and alighted from the taxi. Right after she got off the vehicle, Ru Ting saw another person got onto it. She thought “good luck to that person”.

This is such a hair-raising incident that we wouldn’t even wish upon our worst enemies. We’re also amused to see how some people think it’s okay to serve the public with a car full of pests. 🤮

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