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S’porean Shares How Gay Uncle Insisted to Have Sex With Him Because ‘He Was Signaled’



S'porean Gay Uncle Insists on Having Sex with a Man, Says He Was Signaled - World Of Buzz 2

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Just yesterday, an allegedly drunk elderly gay uncle (he admitted it) went amok and insisted on having sex with another man, Joe on the MRT in Singapore.

The whole drama that lasted more than 4 minutes was recorded by Joe’s friend and was uploaded on his Facebook. And it went viral overnight.

Here’s what Joe wrote about the rather embarrassing incident.

“Hey Singapore friends, just a heads up, this guy physically assaulted me on the MRT, so if you ever see him, be on your guard. I was with a friend and he approached me, drunk, and said he was gay, and that he wanted to f**k me. He said, ‘I know you’re gay, so let’s f**k’.”

Yeap, he did say that. 

After lashing out on Joe’s female friend who spoke up, the uncle said to Joe:

“No no no, she’s not your friend, I’m your friend. I want you to f**k me tonight.”

Elderly S'porean Gay Uncle Insists on Having Sex with a Man on MRT - World Of Buzz

Soon, things escalated quickly and the gatal uncle started touching Joe. Of course Joe politely said ‘please don’t touch me again’, which the uncle brazenly replied:

“Singapore is not like America, we can touch you.”

Joe also wrote on Facebook:

“He touched me, and I told him not to, and I briefly lost my temper. After that, he slapped me on the side of the head. He kept going on and on, and when a woman tried to take his picture, he attempted to kick her phone out of her hand.”

As things were getting out of hand, a woman and a guy stepped in to intervene.

When ‘reasoning’ with the abang in checkered shirt, the uncle blamed Joe and said:

“He signaled me! If he didn’t signal me, I won’t go!” 

Can you believe this guy? What a savage uncle!

Later, Joe and his friend got off the train at the same time with the uncle. But they managed to evade the uncle and left the station peacefully. Pheww!

After the incident, Joe made a clear statement regarding his gender preference on Facebook.

“For those of you that don’t know, I’m not gay (not that it should matter). However, I don’t exactly fit the “masculine” mold of society, so I am often mistaken as queer – on several occasions around the world, for example, I’ve caught flak for carrying a “man purse.” 

“On a personal level, this is why I need feminism, so that I can be confident in myself and not feel like I have to fulfill any gender role assigned to me.”

That’s right Joe, don’t let anyone tell you how to live your life. 

As for the uncle, had he drink more water instead of alcoholic beverages, he wouldn’t be that dry.

Here’s the video so you can see for yourselves how ridiculous the uncle is.


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