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S’porean Woman Delivers Baby In Grab Car, Driver Super Calm But Husband Panics



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Source: Facebook

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It’s tough for mothers in labour, especially for those who need emergency deliveries.

A Singaporean mother, Wani, went into labour on 7 August (Wednesday), and everything didn’t go as planned because they were expecting to welcome the baby on Singapore’s National Day (9 August), but that’s not the worst part.

Wani felt her contractions increasing in intensity on 7 August, so the couple decided to pay a visit to the OBGYN. And to their surprise, the doctor advised Wani to be admitted to the hospital at 2 pm on the same day.

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Thus, the couple had to head home to prepare the documents needed for her hospital admission. But despite preparing the documents, Wani refused to be taken to the hospital. In her Facebook post, she shared her nerve-wracking labour story, where she admitted that she’s known for her stubbornness.

“I belong to that stubborn category that would wait for the hell gates to open before making a run to a safe haven. I decided to go through labour at home. I told him I will make the decision when I’m ready.”

As the clock struck past 5 pm, Wani could no longer bear the excruciating pain, so she told her husband to book a Grab car to the hospital. With all the contractions she was experiencing, she tried her best to remain calm in the car.

Suddenly, she went into active labour while they were still on the way to the hospital. Wani began to moan and push, as she was just following her body’s natural instincts. The funny thing was that her husband, Kamal, covered her mouth with his hand and told her to wait a little while longer.

Ignoring Kamal, Wani pushed further, and her water broke! She did not stop there; her baby’s head then popped out of her vagina. But Kamal pushed the baby’s head back into her body. WTF lah bro! Ultimately, Wani felt super uncomfortable, and she delivered her baby right after pushing harder.

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Source: Facebook

Her husband held their newborn baby girl in his arms, and they took memorable pictures of the special moment.

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Source: Facebook

Now, let’s not forget that the Grab driver was still in the scene. Mr Chia drove super calmly despite the chaos happening at the backseat, and he successfully sent the couple to the hospital. He told them to settle their baby first, and Wani asked for Mr Chia’s contact number to compensate for the mess they made.

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Source: Facebook

“I would say, my husband is baby Mia’s hero and our grab driver is our hero for still being tolerant, patient and service-oriented.”

The new mother then advised other expecting mums to prepare the documents and hospital luggage at least two weeks in advance.

Congratulations to Wani and Kamal on their new family member! And also, kudos to the professional Grab driver who prioritised the well-being of his customers.

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grab car baby - WORLD OF BUZZ

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