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This Stall in Sentul Sells Musang King Durian For as Low as RM30/KG!



M'sians Can Buy Musang King Durian for as Low as RM30 Per Kg at this Stall in Sentul - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Harian Metro / Amazing Nara

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Musang King durian has always been highly sought after by durian lovers due to its creamy flesh and dreamy aroma. However, the exorbitant price of it has made the seasonal fruit rather elusive to the average rakyat, but not anymore.

Source: Amazing Nara

A stall located in Taman Dato’ Senu, Sentul has recently made headlines after selling the much-loved Musang King durian at the price of RM30 to RM35 per kilogram, depending on the grade. That’s a bargain, hands down! 

According to Harian Metro, the owner named Zaidi Sudin revealed that the abundance of Musang King durian is the main reason he is able to sell them at such low prices.

“My intention is to let everyone have a chance of tasting the durian. It doesn’t matter if I make little profit, as long as I break even and my durians sell fast,” he said.

He’s the real MVP guys…

Interestingly enough, Musang King durian is more readily available now compared to other breeds because many farmers have shifted to farming Musang King due to its lucrative price. And also thanks to our PM Najib for exporting it to China.

“This is why I can sell Musang King durian for as low as RM30 per kilogram compared to other varieties that are more expensive due to the shortage of supply,” Zaidi said, adding that he gets his supply from Raub, Pahang. 

Source: MMO

However, although the price has reached an all-time low, sales isn’t looking too good for Zaidi.

“Despite the low price, I can only sell four to five baskets of durians (roughly 50kg per basket) per day, compared to 20 to 30 baskets per day from three years ago.”

Besides Musang King, Zaidi also sells a few other different types of durian at his stall. Here’s the price list for each of them.

  • D101, D24 – RM20 per kilogram
  • D2 – RM25 per kilogram
  • XO – RM30 per kilogram
  • Tekar – RM35 per kilogram

Another durian vendor named Aswali Mansuri, also told reporters that her revenue has become inconsistent because the hype for durian has died down a little bit.

Source: Harian Metro

“Actually, we don’t make a lot of profit because we need to absorb the logistic cost and pay higher price to the middlemen who bought the durians from the farmers,” she said. 

Well, if you guys haven’t had your Musang King durian fix yet, why not head over to this stall in Taman Dato’ Senu in Sentul and indulge yourselves?


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