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Starting From 1st-31st October, You Can Get RM5 Coffee At All Tealive Outlets



Source: Marketing Magazine / Foursquare

Yo coffee-addicts, we’ve got some great news for you because Tealive Asia just announced a promo that will definitely music to your ears, especially if you are the type that needs your caffeine fix every morning.

Tealive Asia revealed that they are having an RM5 promo for three of their selected coffee(s) from the time they open in the morning up until 3pm, for the whole month of October 2019. The types of coffee which will be available for the RM5 promo are mentioned below:

  • Americano 
  • Signature Coffee 
  • Coffee Latte

Source: Facebook

In their Facebook post, Tealive Asia wrote,

“International Coffee Day may be over, but we’re gonna celebrate it throughout October! Enjoy 3 selected coffees (Signature Coffee, Coffee Latte & Americano) for only RM5 EVERY DAY, from morning till 3pm! Sip sip hooray ☕”

This is amazing because for the rest of October, I know exactly where I’m going to get my morning caffeine-fix from. Will you visit your nearest Tealive outlet to enjoy this amazing promo? Let us know in the comments below! 


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