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Stocking Up On Food For Your Pets? Here Are 5 Places Online For You To Check Out



Source: Pet Finder and Dr Fox Mag

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Since MCO, all of us realised that online shopping is really THE way to go. Take it from me who loves physical shopping more than doing so online.

We realised how convenient it was to put everything in a cart, and shop from the comfort of our own home too. Shopping with only boxers on anyone?

Well, one thing we do always try to look out for is an authentic seller of course, and if you’re looking for some pet food, we’ve done the research for you and compiled a list of online stores that’ll help all the pet lovers out there!

1. Whiskas & Pedigree 

Pedigree and Whiskas is one of the most established brands when it comes to quality pet food. Dog and cat owners can browse the wide options offered by the official store on Shopee for their four legged best friend!

This online store has over 30,000 followers and 5.0 rating! Here are some of their best sellers.

For dogs:

For cats:

Besides Shopee, you can also find these products on Lazada!


2. Petico.my

Petico.my is an online store on Lazada that offers cat and dog foods ranging over 27 brands in one platform! Petico has a 97% positive seller ratings with over 3,000 followers.

You can find various brands such as Alps Natural Pureness and Royal Canin on this online store. Here are some of their best selling products!

For dogs:

For cats:

You can also shop at Petico.my on Shopee!


3. POSB Pet Online Sdn. Bhd

Owning a hamster can be an exciting adventure and it’s important to take note of the cute little creature’s diet.

Ensuring that our pet hamsters have a healthy diet is extremely important as hamsters are active creatures and they burn off a lot of energy. You can check out quality hamster foods on POSB’s online pet shop!

POSB has over 1,500 followers on Shopee and a shop rating of 5.0. They sell products for all kinds of animals and some of their best selling items are hamster foods.

Here some of the hot sellers in their store:

POSB’s products are also available for purchase on Lazada!


4. DF Pet Grocery

Rabbits are also adored by many in Malaysia because they make wonderful indoor pets.

But, it’s also important to have a good understanding on rabbit’s nutritional needs as proper nutrition is vital for a rabbit’s well-being. You can browse through various kinds of rabbit food on DF Pet Grocery!

They have over 11,000 followers on Shopee with a 4.9 out of 5 stars rating. In their shop, they sell various items ranging from animal food and toys!

And rabbit foods are some of the best sellers in the store! Here are some of the frequently purchased brands:

Apart from Shopee, you can also find them on Lazada!


5. Macau Pet Trading

Bird owners, don’t worry as there’s one for you too! Macau Pet Trading sells all kinds of bird foods and also cute toys for birds to play with!

The seller has 93% positive seller ratings and over 300 followers on Lazada! Some of their best selling items are:

Macau Pet Trading is also available on Shopee!

Pets can brighten up our dull days and make a wonderful addition to the family. Their presence and companionship also help lighten up our moods. Pets are simply amazing!

We hope this list gets to help you the next time you’re making plans to purchase foods for your pets!

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