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Struggling Malaysian Family Formally Adopts Stray Dog After They Were Criticised & Fined For Keeping It



Source: Sin Chew

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It’s no secret that stray animals have it tough out there. But, every once in a while, one lucky stray will meet a kind human being who will love it unconditionally.

Luckily for Wolf, a stray in Kuala Kubu Bharu, it met a good-hearted woman who fell for the loveable dog.

As according to Sin Chew, 41-year-old Fatima met Wolf when it had dragged itself to the shop where she was cleaning carpets. It had apparently been hit by a car and was injured. She assumed that it would leave after it recovered, but instead, it stayed and took care of her and her family.

Fatima was the sole breadwinner of her family of seven due to her husband, Ahmad’s health conditions and her cleaning business took a hit during the Movement Control Order (MCO).

Ahmad had worked at a factory for many years before he was let go due to his severe diabetes.

“The factory has made a compensation in accordance with the Labour Laws, but the money is long gone after my husband’s amputation and rehabilitation,” Fatima shared.

Wolf recovered roughly around when Ahmad had another amputation procedure and decided to stay to help Fatima out.

“I thought it would leave automatically after it’s injury, but it (Wolf) is more spiritual than humans. It seemed to know that my husband had just had his second amputation operation and my business was hit hard by the MCO. We barely had food, I was busy picking up after peoples’ houses, cleaning all day and night, I was tired of neglecting to take care of my children, but it (Wolf) stayed in front of the store and guarded us.”

Wolf would apparently play with her children and walk them to school. It would also bark at any strangers who approached, but it would also never chase or bite anyone, it only chose to bark to protect the children.

Her five children were originally scared of Wolf, but eventually fell in love with the precious dog, just like their mother, and they identified it as family.

But they, unfortunately, were the only ones.

Evidently, their neighbours were unhappy with Wolf’s presence and barking and criticised Fatima for not following Islamic rules. They reported Wolf to their district council, to which Wolf was captured on Merdeka Day and Fatima was fined RM100.

On the day that Wolf was caught, the family was having one of those days where they couldn’t afford food or drinks. They suddenly heard Wolf wailing and found that it had been caught.

She had apparently then approached a religious teacher, who assured her that keeping a dog is not a crime under their teachings.

“What did the dog and I do wrong?” she asked.

“Although the fine of RM100 is an extra burden for us, we already rushed to the council shelter on 4 September to bring Wolf home, apply for a dog license and formally adopt it. We will also save money to perform the castration operation for dogs in accordance with the requirements of the district council,” she added.

Her kindness and unconditional love for Wolf should be a shining example of humanity at it’s finest, all especially considering the family was already going through problems of their own.

“During the four years that my husband was sick, he was dismissed from a full salary to half a salary, and his income was greatly reduced. But we all survived. The difficulty this time was because of the severe blow by the pandemic. We believe that as long as we work hard, our family of seven people and one dog can make the transition safely,” Fatima said.


And her message to the general public?

“We hope that society can treat stray animals with great love and let them live, instead of killing them because of different religious views and difference in species. God teaches us to love the world, not to spread hatred. I think it (Wolf) was sent by God to comfort me.”

Check out their heart-warming video here:

Those in Selangor looking to get their homes, shops, offices and factories cleaned can contact Fatima at 011-1858 1456.

You go, Fatima!


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Source: Sin Chew
Source: Sin Chew
Source: Sin Chew
Source: Sin Chew

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