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Study: 2 Cups of Dairy Milk a Day Can Increase Chance of Breast Cancer by 80%



Source: Food Business News and DW

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Ladies, dairy milk is not as good for you as you think!

In fact, according to an article by FMT, the US has discovered in new research that drinking a moderate amount of dairy milk every day can increase your chances of developing breast cancer!

The research, which was carried out at Loma Linda Health University, monitored over 52,000 women with an average age of 57 years, and evaluated their diets using food frequency questionnaires. They also completed a questionnaire at the start of the study covering health factors like family history of breast cancer, physical activity level, alcohol consumption, any medications used and breast cancer screening. All women were cancer-free at the beginning of the study and were monitored for 8 years.

The findings depict that a higher intake of dairy milk showed a higher risk of breast cancer, as compared to taking soy milk or no milk at all. Researchers concluded that drinking 1/4 to 1/3 cups of dairy milk a day increased the risk of breast cancer by 30%, and one cup increased it up to 50%. Whereas, two to three cups a day brought those chances up to 70%-80%, which debunks the current US Dietary guidelines recommending three cups of milk a day.

Besides that though, there was no clear connection made between soy products and breast cancer, or cheese and yogurt with breast cancer. Phew! Due to the fact that the study was only observational, researchers have yet to define a cause and effect relationship between dairy milk and the risk of breast cancer.

“Fairly strong evidence that either dairy milk or some other factor closely related to drinking dairy milk is a cause of breast cancer in women”, said the author of the paper, noting that it could be linked to the sex hormone content in dairy milk with further research on the matter.

Well, who would have guessed?! Interesting and shocking all at once. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments!


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