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Study: Women Are Better at Cheating & Not Getting Caught Compared to Men



Study: Women Are Better at Cheating & Not Getting Caught Compared to Men - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: The Michigan Insider

Cheating on your significant other is not cool. You might be able to go about your sneaky business undetected for a while, but eventually, you’ll get caught. This applies to both boys and girls, but according to this study, there is a difference between the genders when it comes to the cheating partner getting caught.

Scientists have revealed that men are less able to spot a cheating woman whereas women can tell if a man is unfaithful just by looking at his face, reported The Star.

An experiment was conducted at the University of Western Australia by researchers where a group of 1,500 people were shown pictures of 189 Caucasian adults (101 men and 88 women), who were first asked if they had been unfaithful to their partners.

The participants were then required to rank these faces on a scale of one to 10 with one being “not at all likely to be unfaithful” and 10 being “extremely likely”. 

The results published in the journal Royal Society Open Science, showed that both men and women could accurately assess men’s likelihood to cheat and poach (behavior intended to attract someone who is romantically attached), but not women’s. 

They cited research showed that 70 per cent of people from 50 different cultures admitted that they had poached someone else’s partner and 60 per cent said they were successful.

The scientists said that they did not expect these results. It was reported that men were able to detect other cheating men, but even women could not judge whether another woman was cheating or not.

“Taken together, both men and women showed above-chance accuracy for men’s faces but not women’s faces. Therefore, perceived unfaithfulness may indeed contain some kernel of truth in male faces,” the scientists wrote.

Source: The Guardian

So, what makes women suspect that some men might sleep around?

According to the survey as reported by The Guardian, men with more “masculine” faces were more likely to cheat, and such men had also admitted to have cheated or “poached” other men’s partners.

However, they stressed that the results were modest, and said people should be wary of deciding whether someone is being unfaithful or not based on impressions of facial features alone.

“Surprisingly, even though more attractive men were rated as more unfaithful, they were less likely to engage in actual mate poaching,” the study said.

Despite the findings, one of the scientists involved in the report cautioned against jumping to conclusions on a first date.

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