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Sugu Pavithra’s Husband Quits His Job So They Can Focus On YouTube Career Full-time!



Source: The Star & Harian Metro

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We have all heard the story of how Ms S. Pavithra started a humble cooking YouTube channel with the help of her husband, and how it turned from a small initiative born out of passion into a true Malaysian sensation. After all, it only took the couple about half a year to gather a following of almost 650,000 subscribers!

But given their newfound fame and popularity, Pavithra revealed in her latest YouTube video that this has led to a steady stream of reporters and members of the media who would like to schedule interviews with her at home. And for every interview, her husband would have to take a day off work just to take care of their kids.

As such, in order to focus on helping his wife with YouTube, he has decided to quit his job and help her out full time.

In addition to that, Pavithra has also mentioned that they will be moving out of their home, as her husband no longer works in the estates. And as you can expect, they will be making a video of their new home once they move! Even we can’t wait!

Despite all that, the couple continues to remain humble and shy away from all the praise and adulation that the public have bestowed upon them, preferring instead to remain under the radar.

“We are just normal people. To become icons is something huge for us. Is it suitable for us? We don’t think we’re worthy to be icons, because icons need to be perfect, and we’re far from perfect.”

With all things considered however, its definitely great to see that Sugu Pavithra’s cooking channel has finally taken off on its own, and the couple can now turn to their passions and make a living out of doing it!

To Sugu and Pavithra, we wish you both nothing but the best on your journey! 


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Source: Harian Metro
Source: The Star

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