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Sunway Pyramid Offers Emergency Contact Temporary Tattoos So Your Kids Won’t Get Lost!



Sunway Pyramid Offers "Child Safe Emergency Contact Tattoo" For Children's Safety - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Sunway Pyramid

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There’s been many cases of child abductions lately, especially in shopping malls and supermarkets. Some extremely daring abductors would even kidnap children while they’re right next to their parents! So bold wei.

The moment an adult turns their back on their children, even for just a few seconds, the horrid kidnappers would snatch the child away in a jiffy.

The scary thing is, these kidnappers would come prepared with extra clothes, scissors, and even drugs for their kidnapping process.

Some abductors would inject a drug to make the child high and unable to cry, and then bring them to a secluded area to change their hairstyle with a pair of scissors.

Then, they would change the child’s clothes and try to sneak them out of the premises.

Thankfully, Sunway Pyramid has come up with a “Child Safe Emergency Contact Temporary Tattoo” to ensure that children who get lost among the festive crowd in the mall can safely return to their parents.

In the shopping mall’s Facebook page, they posted several pictures and explained how the temporary tattoos will work. It reads,

“Hey parents! With school holidays coming up, we’ve prepared a Child Safe Emergency Contact Tattoo that can be easily placed on your child’s arm with a damp cloth or sponge.

“If he or she wanders away in the mall, the emergency contact number on the tattoo can be used to get help from a Concierge staff or Auxiliary Police.”

“To remove the tattoo, simply use baby oil, hand sanitizer or wet wipes. Grab the free Emergency Contact Tattoo at G Floor Main Concierge or LG2 Concierge.”

Now, parents can shop with a little bit more peace in mind! Though it doesn’t mean you should keep your eyes off your kids ok? So, the next time you bring the little ones for a shopping trip to Sunway Pyramid, don’t forget to get this nifty temporary tattoo for your kids!


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