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S’wak Florist Arrested After Allegedly Strangling Stray Cat To Death For Defecating Outside His Home



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Animal abuse is typically understood as being completely cruel and unforgivable. Often innocent and reliant on their own instincts or the kindness of humans to survive, there rarely is any reason for anyone to treat animals with cruelty and violence. However, it would seem that not all of us share in that rhetoric, after a Sarawak florist was recently arrested by police over accusations that he had killed a cat.

The incident first broke cover over social media when animal activist group Malaysia Animal Association uploaded a video that showed a dead cat that had been strangled to death and left hanging from the gate of a residential home. According to the original post, they managed to trace the incident to a neighbourhood in Kuching, Sarawak.

It was said that many witnesses of the incident did not want to come forward with information out of fear for the safety of their own families.

However, since then, the Royal Malaysian Police have gotten involved over the matter and the alleged culprit behind the entire horrific incident has been arrested over the allegations. It was revealed that the home belonged to a florist, and that the incident happened after he had tried to teach it a lesson for constantly defecating outside his home and scratching his car.

He had claimed that he did not expect for the cat to die after stringing it up by the neck against his gate. The man promptly disposed the cat’s carcass after finding it dead last Wednesday (6th May 2020), according to Utusan Borneo.

Investigation papers over the incident have been submitted to the State Deputy Public Prosecutor Offices for further review.

We hope that this cruel man will face the consequences for his actions. 


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