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Terrifying Photo Shows How a Pug’s MRI Scan Looks Like, Highlights The Result of Selective Breeding



Terrifying Photo Shows How a Pug's MRI Scan Looks Like, Highlights The Results of Selective Breeding - WORLD OF BUZZ
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Dog’s are known to be “man’s best friend” for so many reasons. They are loyal, they are smart, they are adorable, and they would give up their lives to save yours.

There are so many breeds to choose from when adopting or purchasing a dog, but there are only a few that always seem to be the popular choice, including pugs. I mean, look at their short legs, googly eyes and flat noses!

Source: Medicine Net

However, even though these little creatures look adorably cute on the outside, pug lovers might feel a little differently about them after seeing this MRI scan of a pug making rounds on the internet.

Actor and comedian Andy Richter shared on Twitter a photo of his friend’s pug’s MRI scan which has left people feeling a little horrified, reported UNILAD.

“My friend’s pug went to the vet,” he wrote alongside the disturbing picture, which has since garnered more than 131,000 likes and almost 16,000 retweets.

Source: Twitter

While we don’t really know if we should laugh or be terrified about this MRI scan capture, it does highlight the fact that human breeding has caused pugs to look a certain way.

I’m sure we all can agree that pugs look very different from every other breed of dog. They have flat faces and wide eyes, which are results of years of selective breeding from humans who were trying to “create” the cutest pugs possible.

Unfortunately, this means that we have created a breed that’s not even close to the breed it should originally have looked like.

Source: Reddit

But that’s not all! Selective breeding has also caused pugs to have many health issues, including breathing issues, knee cap issues, allergies, epilepsy, eye problems, lack of blood flow to the head, difficulty giving birth and back problems.

Were you terrified by that MRI scan picture? I know I was.


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