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Thai Man Gets SO Drunk, Brings Home A Stray Dog & Decides To Adopt It Later



Source: Yutthaphum Kaewekhem

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What was the craziest thing that you did when you got drunk? We’ve heard stories of many funny drunken stupors, so what’s yours? 

Yutthaphum “Boom” Kaewekhem is a Thai man. He frequently goes to a local mookata/ BBQ buffet store in a Bangkok neighbourhood.

On 2 October, he went to the restaurant with his friend and they had so much fun, they got drunk, like really, really drunk. It seems that his friend took videos of Boom in a drunken stupor that night and Boom being the good sport that he was, uploaded it all on his Facebook profile.

เหล้า+เบียร์+ไวน์ = ซิบหายไง #คำว่าห้ามของมิงอ่ามีมั้ย Mhew Chooarn อีสาสสสปล.ร้านหมูกระทะหน้าหมู่บ้าน เพื่อนขับรถตอนกลับบ้าน ความเพื่อนคือถ่ายคลิปก่อน แทนจะห้ามกู

Posted by Yutthaphum Kaewekhem on Jumaat, 2 Oktober 2020

The videos documented Boom trying to capture a stray dog that was roaming near the restaurant. Of course, the dog was frightened and tried to jump out of the car every time Boom put her in. However, he soon succeeded and brought her home.

Throughout the night, Boom slept holding her close while she looks visibly confused.

When Boom woke up, he was more confused!

He then brought the dog back to the mookata store where he found out that she had actually been abandoned there.

Since Boom had taken a liking to the dog, he decided to adopt it. Once he made the decision, he gave her a shower and off they went to the veterinarian! The doggo was also given the name Moota as a reference to where Boom found her.

Now, the Moota is living her life and we can see that she looks way healthier now!

It seems that with the power of Moota’s puppy eyes, the duo has now entered the Thai influencer scene! Good on them! We wish them all the best in their future together! 


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