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Thai Soldier Who Went On Shooting Spree Killed A Family Because Little Girl Was Crying



Source: Cazinet & KhaoSodEnglish

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The Thai soldier who openly fired at civilians at the 21st Terminal Mall, Thailand may have been shot dead, but the consequences of his actions still remain.

A Facebook user by the name of Yuwaret Oi took to her account to share about a Singaporean man’s experience hiding from the shooter with his 11-year-old son, as according to Khao Sod English.

“People were in a panic. He and his child had to find a place to hide. The food court area in the basement was too open, there wasn’t a safe place to hide. Therefore, they ended up hiding in a department store storage room and had met a family with a very young daughter. All in all, there were 10 people trapped together, with the lights off and door closed. They tried to be quiet though they were fearful, cold, uncomfortable as loud gunshots rang out from time to time,” she wrote.

Source: Cazinet

One of the men hiding in the room persuaded the rest that they needed to find a new place to hide and that there was a control toom just a little deeper inside. When they started the move, the family with the small little girl decided to stay put, the father telling the rest, “No, I’ll be here with my wife.”

After some time had passed, the sound of guns started up again but this time, it sounded closer.

“There were 7 of them in that narrow, dark room. The Singaporean man heard the family’s daughter crying due to the loud gunshots. One cruel second later, there was the sound of a gun firing many rounds while the murderer could be heard kicking down the door into the room where the family was. It sounded like it could have been 2 meters away from the rest of them.

The man helped the others in the room to stay calm. Soon after, aid arrived and dozens of special forces offices secured the premises. In this chaos, he lost his son but officers assured him that his son would be safe.

Luckily, he later reunited with his son and wife after the mayhem.

Fortunately for the Singaporean man, he got to reunite with his family, though many others were not as lucky.

We wish to send our deepest condolences to the families and friends who lost loved ones to the soldier’s rampage.

May the lost rest in peace. 


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