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Thailand Proposes Law Allowing Households To Plant Up To 6 Marijuana Plants for Research



Thailand To Consider Allowing 6 Marijuana Plants Per Household - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Time Colonist & Bashaw Star

Thailand made history as the first country in South-East Asia to legalise medical marijuana.

Now, a political party in Thailand’s ruling coalition has proposed a draft law that allows every household in Thailand to grow cannabis.

Source: VeryWellMind

Astro Awani reported that the proposal was made less than a year after Thailand made the use of marijuana possible for medical and research purposes.

Under Thai drug laws, recreational cannabis users can be subjected to severe penalties, including 10 years in prison or a high fine. A policymaker in the Bhumjaitha Party responsible for the Ministry of Health said the draft law would allow six cannabis shrubs to be planted per household.

Source: Bashaw Star

Asians have long been wary of marijuana because of its reputation for being a gateway drug which is unfortunate, considering it’s widely recognised for its medicinal qualities especially when it comes to its effects on cancer. This process for the law to be passed could take about six months from November when Parliament is back in session.

Hence with the right intentions and purpose and in the right hands, marijuana can be highly beneficial to people.


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