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“That’s your responsibility” Broke M’sian Student Blames Mother For Not Giving Them A Comfortable Life



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Times are tough during this pandemic outbreak and many people have lost a steady financial income. One Malaysian student who got laid off their part-time jobs, wrote in HELP University Confession Page (HUCP) to express their frustration and struggles.

In the post uploaded on 7 December, the student wrote that after they graduated from SPM, they had to find odd jobs to sustain their basic expenses as a student, while also handling assignments. They said that things were going well for the past two years and had managed to secure a stable income of about RM600-RM900 every month.

That’s until the Covid-19 pandemic hit the country and all their jobs got called off.

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“I need to go back to life relying only on RM200 allowance per month from my parents,” they said, adding that their parent’s business was also affected by the pandemic and have been forced to work as hawkers.

“My life has never been stable and comfortable like a normal college student who only needs to focus on their studies and relax after class ends.”

“When the semester ends, it’s the beginning of work. Sometimes I am so exhausted until I want to drop out from my studies and just work.”

The student goes on to say that they understand the reality of not being able to survive without a certificate and acknowledges that they felt their future has become more hopeless after discovering that about 10,000 employees have been laid off every month due to the pandemic.

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However, on top of struggling with their finances, they said that their mother keeps on discussing with them about how much allowance they should give her once they start working.

“Maybe I should only give her RM200 too since she didn’t even want to raise my allowance, why should I?” they said.

The student then blames the mother for not giving them a comfortable life and says that it’s her responsibility as a parent.

“I was so angry in my mind and blaming you as a parent who can’t even provide me with a good comfortable life. How dare you request it without any shamefulness?”

“Don’t give me the excuse that you paid a lot of money while raising me. That’s your responsibility as a parent from the moment you decided to get a child. I have no choice and was simply birthed on this earth.”

“If I have a choice, I would rather be nothing than to be given birth as a human and suffer in this sh*tty reality world.”

“If commit suicide is not a sin, I will not be here complaining about my life. I just feel exhausted and meaningless in staying alive.”

It is understandable that many are struggling to secure a steady income during this pandemic, but is blaming one’s parents really the way to go?


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Source: Getty Images
Source: Free Pik

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