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The 7 Types Of People You’ll Find During MCO That All M’sians Will Know! Which One Are You?



Source: New York Post & PNJ

Very soon, it’ll be exactly one year since the first MCO… are we going crazy yet? WHO KNOWS!

And because of that, many of us have developed different coping mechanisms to help us stay sane while staying at home all day long. From the self-proclaimed plant parent all the way to the one friend who’s always MIA because they’re sleeping, here’s a list of seven types of Malaysians you’ll definitely find during MCO:


1. The online shopping addict

They get parcels so frequently that even the abang postman is on a first-name basis with them! 

This person turned to online shopping as a way to pass time during the lockdown. Nothing like retail therapy, am I right! You can buy almost anything online these days… From clothing to household items, did you know you can even buy ice cream online?! BTW, we hope you’re still practising the habit of sanitising your parcels before opening them. Safety first!


2. The proud plant parent

Favourite past times include talking to their plants and posting pictures of their new curry leaves.

Seriously though, is talking to your plants actually a thing?

They slowly started filling their homes with plants since the lockdown began last year and now they’ve even ventured into planting their own herbs & spices! Plus, planting your own herbs such as curry & basil leaves ensures the freshest produce without all the extra cost. Genius! 


3. The online gamer

From the damn cun set up to gaming all the way till sunrise, we all have that one friend!

They’ve invested a lot into this and they’re not shy about it, staying up all night just to play games — be it computer games, mobile games or console games! We don’t blame them though, it’s nice being able to escape to a virtual world especially when you’re on day 145,678 of staying at home.


4. The TikTok addict 

From attempting viral recipes like Dalgona Coffee to learning insane dance moves and making funny videos like the #TimeWarpScan, we’ve seen it all!

If they’re not filming themselves doing the latest trends in hopes of becoming TikTok famous someday, they’ll be scrolling through 30-second videos all day long. Speaking from experience.


5. The night owl

Don’t expect a reply from them anytime soon, cos they’ll only wake up when the sun sets!

They prioritise their sleep more than anything else and always reply your messages six hours later because they were fast asleep. 😴  This is the ONE person you most definitely don’t want as your emergency contact because, that’s right, they won’t answer!


6. The overnight MCO Masterchef

From not knowing the differences between baking soda and baking powder to playing masak-masak every day.

From no prior experience in the kitchen, suddenly you see them posting all types of different kitchen experiments on their social media. Quite power lah! But with great kitchen experiments come great MCO cooking fails too as the Malaysian Facebook group ‘Masak Apa Tak Jadi’ quickly grew in followers thanks to Malaysians everywhere who shared their amusing cooking fails with the world.

But in all seriousness, hats off to those who fell in love with the art of cooking and baking ever since MCO happened! It’s really heartwarming to see them go out of their way to continually try and create new recipes (especially tough ones!) even when they’re still new to the masak-masak life! Some of their dishes look even better than fine dining food! Just check out this gorgeous dessert. 😍👇🏻


7. The sweet tooth

Their kitchen pantry is stocked to the brim with all kinds of sweet treats just in case they want to indulge!

These types of people turn to desserts as their source of comfort (we do it too!). They were making the famous Dalgona Coffee every single day back in 2020 when everyone else thought it was just too much work! If you’re a true #foodie, you’ll definitely go all out to satisfy your cravings!

But we get it, this is a time to spoil ourselves and indulge in delectable desserts because we all know tomorrow is never promised! That’s why it’s important to choose quality stuff when it comes to food! After all, if you’re going to indulge, might as well do it right. 😛

So if it’s quality desserts that interest you, then you should definitely be checking out Magnum’s latest delectable Cookies and Cream ice-cream! OMG 🍦

It comes as no surprise that Magnum is one of the world’s leading chocolate connoisseurs! We’re pretty sure everyone has had at least ONE Magnum ice cream in their lifetime and loved it. After all, stressed spelt backwards is desserts, right? 😉

Now, they’re back at it with their newest indulgence, Magnum Cookies And Cream! A flavour that’s loved by many Malaysians, now with an upgraded experience brought to you by Magnum. <3

Made with thick & premium Belgian white chocolate, the new Cookies and Cream flavoured ice-cream is decadently coated in crispy chocolate cookies! Y U M 😍

We personally LOVED the thick layer of white chocolate accompanied by the crispy cookie pieces that give the ice-cream a perfect crunch. The cream flavoured ice cream was also oh so delicious and rich! You’re definitely in for a treat with Magnum Cookies & Cream!

So, are you ready to be #PlayfullyMagnum and give this a try? Here’s how you can get your hands on these babies:

  • Head to any major supermarkets or hypermarkets to purchase the new Magnum Cookies and Cream
  • Or do your part and #StayAtHome because you can order Magnum Cookies and Cream via GrabFood or Foodpanda!


We can’t wait for you to indulge in these delectable delights! If you’re interested to know more about what Magnum has to offer, be sure to visit their website here!

Have you seen the new Cookies and Cream ice cream around? Let us know what you think about it in the comments below!


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