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The 8 Stages of Breakup for a Girl



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Breakups. No body hopes for them, but sometimes they are inevitable. It’s part of life and here are the stages every girl goes through after a breakup.

1. Cry


You cry like there is no tomorrow, as if the world is going to end. The world you once held so dear, is now shattered into a million pieces, along with your heart. You are shocked, upset and disappointed that it had to come to this.


2. Cry some more


It’s hard to hold those tears back. Every where you go, there’ll be something that reminds you of them. A song on the radio, the places you two have visited together, and ofcourse the never ending haunting memories which are now all too bitter sweet. You are convinced that all the tears you’ve shed could fill an entire river.



3. Denial

break up

Every thing seem like a dream. You are stuck in disbelief that  You hold on to that hope that he still loves and cares for you, that he’ll chat you up soon and everything will be alright.


4. Questioning yourself


The worse breakups are the ones where you have no idea what lead to it and you were left in a lurch. You spend almost every waking moment trying to figure out what went wrong and blame yourself. Could it be because you forgot to send him a good morning text last Tuesday? Perhaps it was because you kept calling him when he was out with his friends. Maybe you shouldn’t have bugged him to reply your texts.

These thoughts tend to lead to some self-esteem issues when you start questioning that maybe you’re just not good enough for them to stay.


5. Anger


There comes a point that you’re done being upset and those emotions evolve into anger. “How dare he leaves me?? After all we’ve been through?!”, “Did he even loved me to begin with??” etc. Sounds familiar huh?

The anger helps you get over the masked pain you hide inside and convincing yourself that he was a douche that isn’t worth another shed of your tear (eventhough you know that isn’t true).


6. Stalk him on social media


From Facebook to Instagram and Twitter, you stalk all their social media accounts. You constantly look them up on their profile just to get updates on their routine. You check on whose pictures he likes, whose status he comments on and what he tweets about while muttering bitter comments under your breath. These comments usually include bad remarks about his female friends, on how ugly they look or how much better you are compared to them.

More often than not, curiosity kills the cat and you usually end up feeling worse than you did before the stalking (hencing leading back to point 1,2 and 5).


7. Realize


After all the crying, the pain, the hurt, you’d finally realize how pathetic you have been and that you are worth much, much more. You realize that despite having your heart broken, there’s a brighter life out there. Yes, you are still down and shattered, but you realize that, as much as you loved him, to love yourself more is important and it is just not fair to continue hurting.


8. Move on


After what seemed like forever, one day you’ll wake up and find that you are not missing them anymore. From then on, days will seem brighter and you can finally have that genuine smile on your face again. You’ll find that being single is actually, even better than a relationship! No one to answer to, do anything you please at any time! It’s total freedom!

There will be the occasional sadness which you’ll label “one of those days”, but then you’ll remind yourself that it was his lost and not yours. You do not need a man to be happy, because you are perfectly capable of doing so yourself.

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