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The Don’t Care Attitude Could Potentially Cause A Second Covid-19 Wave In Malaysia



Source: Malay Mail & Malay Mail

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Despite how well the Malaysian government handled the Covid-19 outbreak, the responsibility still falls upon the shoulders of the Malaysian people to ensure that a second wave does not happen.

But, unfortunately, it’s becoming a little too apparent that Malaysians are ‘forgetting’ to adhere to social distancing protocols.

As according to Bernama, social activist and politician, Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye said that many can be seen paying lesser and lesser attention to the standards of procedures set by the government, especially when it comes to wearing face masks and keeping social distances in public places to ensure that the Covid-19 virus does not come back with a fuller force.

“They began to care less now and they don’t want to do anything anymore. They know that they should wear face masks in public places, but many of them don’t. What’s more worrying, social distancing is no longer being observed. The one-metre distance has reduced to half-a-metre. This is very serious. We don’t want Covid-19 to return with the second wave,” he said.

Even Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin spoke out about his concerns over the detection of 13 new Covid-19 clusters and reminded the general public on the hardships people would face is the lockdowns are reimposed in the event of a surge in infections.

“I see this as a serious situation, I hope the people can take seriously the call made by our prime minister because if the second wave occurs, the whole country will suffer,” Lee added.

It’s only fair that we do our level best to follow the procedures set in place after how hard our authorities and frontliners worked to flatten the curve.

Down with the ‘don’t care’ attitude. 


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Source: Malay Mail
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