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The Iconic Hawkers On Chulia Street May Be Moving To Carnarvon Street For Safety Reasons



Source: The Travel Mentor & Holidays In Malaysia

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Hawker places all over Malaysia have become a staple when it comes to Malaysian food, which is why it’s painful to see them getting torn down by the authorities over traffic or other reasons.

Hence, when the Penang Island City Council announced that Carnarvon Street was being converted into a one-way street, they also decided that it would be a safer option to house the hawkers who call Chulia Street home.

As according to ChinaPress, the Penang Island City Council is planning to relocate about 30 hawkers from Chulia Street to Carnarvon Street due to safety issues.

The hawkers of Chulia Street have become a trademark of Penang Island, but the relocation is necessary as safety has become a concern due to the heavy traffic and buses zooming by tables and chairs filled with patrons by the roadside. Hence, the plan to move them to the one-way Carnarvon Street where the safety of the hawkers and their patrons are more guaranteed.

“This proposal is made to ensure the safety of hawkers and diners, and at the same time to help give Chulia Street, the main public transportation road, smoother traffic. This is not a hasty decision,” said Penang Island City Councillor, Wang Yuhang.

Though, not all the hawkers are happy to leave their trademark iconic location, as they are worried that the relocation might cause them to lose patrons.

The decision to move the hawkers have yet to be made but the hawkers are willing to make the move if the authorities provide them with the necessary facilities such as electricity, water and shelter.

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