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The New Normal Reveals 6 Things M’sians Do That Unknowingly Help Spread Germs & Bacteria Faster



Source: CI Online & The Standard

Life has been a lot more different since the Movement Control Order (MCO) was implemented on 18 March 2020, almost three months ago. The disastrous situation we are all living through right now has affected more than 8,000 Malaysians at the time this was written and has forced all of us into a ‘new normal’ way of life.

We’ve probably never put much thought into our actions whenever we used to go out and about, be it at a restaurant or a supermarket. But now, we pay attention to every little thing we do as the risk of infecting others and getting infected ourselves is very high. In fact, there are many things we do daily that actually help spread germs and bacteria faster and it’s important to be aware of them. Here are some things you might be guilty of:


1. Placing used masks on the table or on other tableware items while eating at a restaurant

It may be out of habit that we place all our belongings on the table when we eat out, but placing our used masks on the table not only risks our own health (especially when you put the mask back on later), it also helps to potentially spread germs and bacteria to others. According to a news report by online journal The Lancet, the virus could last on the outer part of a surgical mask for up to seven days! Instead of placing your mask on the table, just pull it under your chin, keep it in a bag or put it on your lap (just be careful it doesn’t fall off).

Other items such as mobile phones, wallets, purses, handbags and power banks should also stay off the table because you never know what or who else was at the table before you. Keep your things in your pocket or in a bag so they don’t get contaminated.


2. Not having a designated area at home as a ‘disinfecting zone’

You can’t be too sure of what is contaminated when you bring things into your house. That’s why it’s a good idea to designate one spot at home to lay all your outside clothes and any items you brought in with you to be disinfected or sanitised.

For example, you could designate a spot in the driveway, the porch, or maybe even in your kitchen to disinfect items like groceries, parcels, food and other items from the outside before bringing them into your home or bedrooms.


3. Placing your hands or leaning on countertops when ordering food

One common habit many people have is to lean against something when we are waiting. We tend to do it at fast-food restaurants or any other shop where we have to wait to be served. Sometimes if it’s not the counter, we lean against a wall–that hundreds of other people may have leaned against too–with our hands or bodies.

This is a habit we must all do our best to get rid of. Our hands and arms are easily exposed to germs, bacteria and viruses present on those surfaces. If you’re tired of standing, find a chair to sit on instead!


4. Not sanitising personal items, like your PHONE, when you reach home

Cold and flu germs can live up to 24 hours on most surfaces, including your smartphone! That’s why, when you get home after a day out, it’s best to sanitise your personal items such as your:

  • Mobile phone
  • Watch
  • Wallet
  • Bag
  • Shoes
  • Glasses
  • Cap, and the list goes on.

We have no idea if these items have been contaminated or not so it’s best to just be safe and take a few minutes out of your time to disinfect them.

For clothes, separate them in a different laundry basket and make sure you wash them immediately if you can. This is one of the new normal things we have to get used to if we want to keep our selves and everyone in the household safe and healthy.


5. Washing your hands only when you reach home or use the bathroom

If you’ve been out the whole day, whether for work or errands, don’t wait until you visit a washroom or reach home to wash your hands. Bring a sanitiser around with you wherever you go and use it every time your hands come in contact with something that doesn’t belong to you.

Just think of all the highly contaminated surfaces you encounter daily while you’re out, like the elevator, ATM buttons, grocery store items (because we all know how popular grocery stores are during this time), even door handles! Depending on handwashing alone is no longer enough during this period especially seeing as to how you’re bound to accidentally touch your face at some point.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy sanitiser that’ll do the job, make sure you check out Aiken Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser. It kills 99.999% of germs to ensure your hands stay germ-free at all times and it’s easy to carry around!


6. Not showering immediately after entering your house

Imagine coming home and throwing yourself all over your couch or bed. You’re bound to spread germs and bacteria all over your house furniture which are also used by other household members. Eventually, someone is bound to get sick!

That’s why, when you get home, be sure to step into the shower immediately and take a nice, long shower WITH SOAP. Make sure it’s antibacterial soap at that!

It doesn’t count if you shower using normal soap so be sure to use a trusted anti-bacterial soap like the Aiken Naturally Anti-Bacterial Shower Creme which kills 99% of germs instantly! It even comes with all these benefits to ensure your skin is well-taken care of:

It’ll definitely give you and your household peace of mind knowing that you’ll be squeaky clean after each shower.

Interested to give Aiken a try? Click HERE to purchase Aiken products and keep you and your loved ones germ-free!

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Let’s all make a difference by protecting ourselves and those around us from any risk of infections. Be mindful of your actions when you’re outdoors and always keep yourself clean!

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