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The Truth Behind These Mascots Working at Teluk Cempedak Will Break Your Heart



doraemon - WORLD OF BUZZ 10
Source: Facebook

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It’s common to see mascots of different cartoon characters walking around malls, cheering and entertaining kids. But do we really know the people behind these costumes?

Just recently, a picture of a Doraemon mascot sat at the beach looking tired of life went viral. If you’ve ever been to Teluk Cempedak, Kuantan, you might have seen this particular mascot around. Well like every photo, there’s a story behind this one!

Source: Facebook

According to a Facebook post, the person in the costume is actually an elderly aunty who has spent years entertaining others to earn money.

A user named Teru Teru Bozu, who dresses up as a superhero himself, claims to know the woman in the costume.

“She is only an elderly aunty who wants to spend her life bringing joy to children. You might be reminded of your own mother if you really know who she was under the costume,” he said.

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Source: Facebook

Another user, Firdaus Exyai, said he also met the aunty before. In his comment, he said,

“I rested my head on her shoulder and suddenly I heard her meowing. That’s when I noticed that this Doraemon had the voice of a woman.”

She’s just making kids happy to earn a living!

Source: Giphy

In the comments section, a netizen mentions how she saw a Hello Kitty mascot also at Teluk Cempedak at around 10pm. The place was deserted and the Hello Kitty mascot was seen just sitting down doing nothing, with a tip jar placed on the floor in front of her.

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Source: Facebook

We’re sad to hear stories like this, but it’s just the reality we live in where we have to do things we never thought we would, just to earn a living.

We pray all the best for these aunties, and everyone else as well in whatever they do and hope they are happy. Help others in any way you can because you’ll never know what they’re going through!


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