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There’s A Car Company Really Named ‘Bodo’, And We Don’t Know Whether To Laugh or Cry



Source: Bodo Electric Vehicles Facebook

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Malaysians can get pretty colourful when they get agitated behind the wheel, that much we all know. Whether if its our friends, our family members or in most cases, ourselves behind the wheel, the habit of calling out bad drivers who don’t play by the rules is pretty common. And out of the vast vocabulary of Malaysian insults, bodoh, or ‘stupid’, tends to be pretty reliable.

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So you can imagine the surprise of Malaysians everywhere when it was discovered that a Chinese car manufacturer had decided to call themselves…

Bodo. And they manufacture a car called the Bodo Chronus.

Well, it’s not technically a car, but something called a Low-Speed Electric Vehicle (LSVE), which is considered to be a sub-category of cars powered via tiny electric motors. These tiny cars, which are quite popular in China, can only reach speeds of up to 69 kilometres per hour and do not need a driver’s license to operate in the country, according to The Wall Street Journal.

In the case of the Bodo Chronus, it is powered by a 7.5 kw, or approximately 10 horsepower electric motor engine, according to a product video. Seating four individuals in its minuscule cabin, the car offers basic transportation for the masses.

And with its generally low performance (remember, top speed of 69km/h) and small proportions, it might just be perfect for bad drivers who can’t obey the laws of the road.

Hilarity and obvious jokes aside, Bodo has already set its sights on the European market, with the Chronus now being offered in Cyprus, Bulgaria, Malta and Greece. Which means that this tiny little electric car has managed to meet the often stringent regulations expected of foreign car manufacturers when selling their cars in Europe. How incredible is that? Quite bijak actually. 

Bodo also makes other electric vehicles too, but the details on their other models remains pretty scant. If you would like to know more about Bodo, you may find them on their Facebook page here. 

But our question is, when can we see the Bodo Chronus in Malaysia?


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