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These M’sian Sisters Co-founded A Company That Sold 100k Masks Globally in Just 6 Months



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Despite hoping that our Covid-19 situation would get better the moment 2020 ended, it seems like the pandemic and MCO is still far from over. And with the MCO comes mandatory mask-wearing, but that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice comfort or style just to stay safe either!

If you think plain old surgical masks are the only types of masks available to keep you safe, think again.

Founded by two sisters, Cindy and Sandra Leow, Carbon Masks was born out of the desire to provide people with an alternative to surgical masks that were both breathable and stylish no matter the occasion.

In the process of searching for this perfect mask, they both realised that what they were looking for wasn’t available in the market, so they decided to create their own masks instead!

“We all lead busy lives in which the duality between looking good and feeling good is often at odds. This inspired us to find an answer to this problem — a remedy — so that you could go about your daily life without having to compromise on either,” the 23 and 19-year-old sister-duo told World of Buzz.

“We went out and tried hundreds of different masks, but we couldn’t find a single mask that fit what we were looking for. [We wanted] something that was comfortable on the face and didn’t cause acne. [We were also looking for something ] that was actually breathable and allowed you to look good, too.”

They explained that while surgical masks were easily available, they weren’t the most stylish nor the most comfortable and sustainable. So they wanted to create something that was reusable, less harmful to the environment, stylish, and comfortable all in one single mask.

“We craft our masks in-house to bring you the most comfortable masks available, using the best materials in the market. We’ve combined the soft, cool comfort and natural breathability of cotton with a flattering cut and a high-power, state-of-the-art reusable air filter.”

From cutting up different face masks and various materials just to figure out what was right, the sister-duo has since evolved Carbon Masks into something that is slick, simplistic, and uber comfortable to wear!

Unlike other reusable masks where you can only reuse it for a maximum of 20-30 times, Carbon Masks allows you to reuse it practically forever so long as you maintain the mask well, take your time to wash it, and change its filters every week or so.

But creating a mask that is both functional and stylish isn’t their only concern, as both Sandra and Cindy also want to create a community that allows their customers to be heard.

“We want to create an experience that people want to join,” Sandra explained. “We created this hashtag called #Carbonfam. Basically, you can be anyone and still join our community by just purchasing our masks.”

“It is more than building a brand. It is [about] building a community that matters. We want nothing more than to be your number one provider of face masks and part of this effort requires us to build relationships with customers and suppliers.”

In the last six months, the duo has produced and sold over 100,000 masks and they aren’t planning to stop anytime soon. They have plans to continue expanding the brand globally and to continue building communities all around the world just as they did in Malaysia.

Their new Carbon Air series comes in dark navy, ash grey, and jet black with adjustable straps and lightweight fabric for just RM35 apiece. You can get yourself a mask either from their website (www.carbon-masks.co) or on their Instagram page, @carbonmasks.hq!

“We also want to remind everyone to stay safe and remember to mask up when you head out for grocery shopping!”

Well, what are you waiting for? Mask up now!


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