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These New Klang Valley ‘Smart Homes’ Are So Eco-Friendly, They Can Help You Save Up to 50% on Electricity Bills


[Test] These New Klang Valley 'Smart Homes' Are So Eco-Friendly, They Can Help You Save Up To 50% On Electricity Bills - World Of Buzz 4
Source: Sime Darby Properties & Aseanbreakingnews

Bills, bills, bills. This word plagues our minds every end of the month and it’s incredibly frustrating. The worse part is, there are bills we just cannot escape from, such as electricity bills. The only thing we can do to try lessening the amount of electricity we use at home is by using less air-cond or watching less TV.

Well, what if we told you that there’s a new housing project in Klang Valley that can actually cut your monthly electricity bills by up to 50%???

Launching in a new precinct known as Elmina Grove, Sime Darby Property will be previewing the first phase of Ilham Residence this December and it will feature multi-generational double-storey linked ‘smart homes’.


So how does Ilham Residence’s ‘smart homes’ help occupants save up to 50% on electricity?

Simple! Sime Darby Property is actually partnering with TNBX (a subsidiary of TNB) to fit these homes with solar panels and smart meters along with home energy management systems. This is the first collaboration of its kind in Malaysia!

FYI, to fit just a 2kW solar panel system in your home will cost you about RM12,600.

But Sime Darby Property will be providing this completely FREE for every home in Ilham Residence. How awesome is that?!

This means that your home will be powered by green energy AND whatever excess energy you don’t use at the end of each month can be sold back to TNB under the Net Energy Metering (NEM) scheme.

These New Klang Valley 'Smart Homes' Are So Eco-Friendly, They Can Help You Save Up To 50% On Electricity Bills - World Of Buzz 5

Source: astro awani

To put things into perspective, a typical family consumes approximately 500kW of electricity a month, which is equivalent to RM180.20 in electricity bills. With the solar panels, however, 210kW can be generated purely from green energy, saving you an estimated RM106.54!

This adds up to about RM1,278.50 worth of savings each year!


You save even MORE if you don’t spend much time at home

If you work or travel a lot of the time and nobody is home, this would mean you consume very little electricity. With that said, however, the solar panels would still generate power regardless of whether or not you’ll use it.

So if you have excess energy at the end of the month, your following month’s electricity bill will automatically be deducted based on how much excess you have.

You get to enjoy some savings off your following month’s bills PLUS reduce your carbon footprint to save mother earth!


Aside from being a ‘smart home’, Ilham Residence is also the MOST picturesque development in City of Elmina

We all aspire to live in beautiful neighbourhoods filled with lush greenery and fresh air, am I right? Well, Elmina Grove is the place to be if you’re looking for a picturesque location complete with fresh air and amenities. Here’s what they have to offer:

1. Top-notch security

Ilham Residence is the first gated and guarded development in City of Elmina. This means it comes with 24-hour security and perimeter fencing.


2. Scenic landscapes, parks, and PLENTY of amenities

It’s always nice to live in a home surrounded by lush greenery. It offers us fresh air and it just makes the overall surroundings so much nicer. At Ilham, you’ll be able to enjoy these features:

  • 10 acres of interactive green spaces for residents to play, explore and commune
  • Manicured landscaping which residents can rest assured will be kept in pristine condition
  • Jogging paths running through the back lanes which link the homes to five different themed gardens
  • 16 unique recreational facilities including a treehouse, tea house, skate park, outdoor fitness equipment, sprint park, outdoor dining decks, and more


3. Homes designed for multi-generational living

This means that no matter how old you are and what generation you’re from, these homes will cater to all your needs!

Some unique features which make Ilham Residence homes so amazing are such as the ground floor granny suite for the elderly, ramped entryways for wheelchair users, switches placed at a height that is accessible to all, and more.

Here’s a breakdown of the different types of layouts available at Ilham Residence:

  1. TYPE 1 (The Carefree)
    • Perfect for newlyweds or young couples with children
    • Comes with built-in Bluetooth speakers and USB charging port sockets
  2. TYPE 2 (The Flourishing)
    • For families with growing children who require even more space
    • Comes with child-safety gates to prevent toddlers from wandering up or downstairs unattended
    • Built-in Bluetooth speakers are also included
  3. TYPE 3 (The Thoughtful)
    • Best for the older generation
    • Comes with a dual-key design allowing the upper floors to be rented out or for family members to live independently
    • The ground floor comes with reduced walls and columns to ensure less obstruction
    • A bathroom on the ground floor comes with foldable handrails for mobility and safety purposes as well
  4. TYPE 4 (The Lasting)
    • Built for larger families and families with older children
    • Guest bedroom located downstairs for grandparents
    • Includes built-in Bluetooth speakers and USB charging port sockets, a child safety gate, as well as foldable handrails


4. Convenience at your fingertips 

Aptly named Temu, this commercial area located right at the gateway of Elmina East will house 70 units of two to three-storey shop lots (50 units have already been pre-booked) where you’ll be able to carry out all your errands. Whether you’re looking to berTemu with friends at a cafe or restaurant, visit the bank, or run some errands, it will all be possible at Temu. The modern cum contemporary design of the shop lots will also make spending time around the area much more enjoyable.

There will be an Anchor Tenant co-located in the area as well for all your grocery needs. Residents and visitors can expect Temu to be ready by 2022 and don’t worry, it’s located just 800 meters away from Ilham Residence! 

Apart from Temu, Ilham residents can enjoy two years FREE subscription to City of Elmina’s first-ever Residents’ Clubhouse equipped with an Olympic sized swimming pool, badminton courts, multi-purpose hall, gym/dance studio, games room, club lounge, dining, retail, and more!

Talk about a truly remarkable place to stay! It’s equipped with pretty much anything and everything you might need in a township made up of ‘smart homes’. From the shop lots at Temu to gorgeous landscapes, they have it all.

Well, if you’re interested to find out more, details to the preview event for Ilham Residence can be found below:

Date: 14 Dec 2019
Time: 10am
Venue: Elmina Pavilion
Contact: 03-7831 2253

For more information or to register for an appointment, visit their website ASAP!

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