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“They are God’s creation and gift to us” Handicapped Council Worker Shares How Stray Dogs Protect Him



Source: Jagdeep Dhillon | Facebook

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Dogs are the most loyal creatures you’ll encounter in life. Unfortunately, the perception of Malaysians towards dogs isn’t always the best. Too often, we hear stories about people mistreating innocent doggos who don’t deserve such abuse. Thankfully, there are still good-natured humans like this public service worker who recognise how animals are truly nature’s gift to us.

Recently, a man named Jagdeep Dhillon took to his Facebook to share a heartwarming conversation he shared with a humble Malay council worker whom he met while jogging near Resavoir Garden in Air Putih, Penang. Jagdeep observed that the council worker wasn’t bothered by the dogs around him and asked,

“Brother, the dogs don’t bite you while you work?” The man responded, “they never bite boss. They are God’s creation and gift to us.” The council worker then shared that as a handicapped man, he is at risk of being robbed as somedays he works till 5am.

However, with the dogs around, they stay to watch over him and his handicapped bike to ensure he is safe. Jagdeep asked the worker, “then why do people hate [dogs] and kill [them], saying that they are dangerous pets and prohibited in religion?”

“Boss, I wake up early to pray daily. Those who understand prayers will understand dogs and their honest nature. Many [people] out there speak ill of things they don’t like. Are these people truly God-loving?”

The council worker then gave an illustration of why dogs are so protective over their territory. They just respond instinctively, just as humans react defensively when you invade their space. “Dogs have rules too. You don’t cross their compound or their limits. [If you do], you will face attack. Boss, do you dare to enter someone else’s house simply? If you enter, you will be beaten also.”

The man then shared how dogs face much hardship in life. “We beat them, call them names, and even look at them as if they are beggars but we humans are beggars actually. Whenever I finish my duties, these dogs will follow me behind till I reach the traffic light. [It’s like a] grand send-off. Who would do that for a handicapped man like me?”

Jagdeep said he was moved to tears by the council worker’s response and thanked him for sharing his experience. He then advised netizens to learn from this like-minded man.

“Killing animals, dogs and cats will never make you great or give you an immediate entry to Heaven. Learn from this guy.”

What a touching story. What do you guys think of this? 


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