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“They Are Stubborn”, Viral Photo Shows People Flooding Wet Market In Penang During MCO



Source: TheMalaysianTimes & Facebook

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Today (4th of May, 2020) marks the beginning of the Covid-19 Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) and we’re just not prepared for the chaos that may ensue.

For example, the Bayan Baru Wet Market in Penang is already experiencing a surge of customers with no regard for social distancing last weekend.

The Penang Kini Facebook page took to their profile to share an explanation from an authoritative figure who is stationed that the market to enforce social distancing.

Suasana meriah yang dirakamkan di Pasar Awam Bayan Baru jam 630 pagi tadi…..

Posted by Penang Kini on Sunday, May 3, 2020

The caption said, “The lively scene, which was recorded at the Bayan Baru Wet Market at 6:30am this morning (3rd May).”

They then shared an explanation by one of the officers in charge at the market who chose to remain anonymous.

“I am one of the officers in charge at the Bayan Baru Wet Market. We were given orders to guard the market from 7am up until 12pm. Only two doors are opened, the front door for entry and the back door for exit, and all the entry ways have been closed and watched over by officers to make sure that we can control the amount of people that go in.”

He also added that there is a special lane dedicated to the elderly people, pregnant women and the disabled.

The officer then went on to explain that many people caught wind that all the doors will be closed from 7am onwards and people will then have to queue up to enter the market. To avoid the long queues, they’re willing to head to the market before 7am.

“They have found out that we close the doors at 7am and only allow 15-20 people to enter at a time, only when some have gone out through the back door will we allow more to enter, depending on how many people have exited. Many have complained that they are forced to wait for a long time in the long queue to enter. Often times we were scolded and insulted for not letting them enter faster.

“We, as officers, are just doing the job we were ordered to do. Whatever is happening in this image is out of our control as these customers enter before 7am, at their own will,” the officer explained.

We reached out to the market to verify if this indeed happened, and we received confirmation. However, this only occurred during the weekend and the market has since implemented stricter safe distancing protocols.

They lamented to us saying that, “This is happening because people don’t want to line up. Authorities only allow 50 people inside, and they do not want to wait so long.”

Either way, people should understand the important of safe distancing and not be worried about having to wait in long lines, thus jeopardising their own health.

After all, we don’t want a repeat of the Covid-19 cases at Petaling Jaya’s markets.

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Source: Facebook

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